How to Tell a Genuine, Real Smile

Genuine Smile

Accurate Body Language Fun Fact:
According to Paul Ekman, a genuine real smile shows in the lower eyelids and lower face.

Forehead: relaxed.

Eyebrows: Outer ends slightly pulled down.

Eyes: narrowed eyes or eyelids. Crow’s feet appear on outer edges.

Lower eyelids show lines / wrinkles and are relaxed under the eyes.

Cheeks: raised.

Mouth / Lips: “Puppet” lines (nasolabial fold) are more pronounced from outer edge of nose to mouth corners, which are turned back and raised up. Typically, lips parted with top teeth showing.

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Ekman, P. (2003)Emotions revealed, second edition: Recognizing faces and feelings to improve communication and emotional life (2nd Ed.).  New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company.

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