The Look of Surprise!!

The Look of Surprise!!

Accurate Body Language Fun Fact:
According to Paul Ekman, SURPRISE is the fastest facial expression, shown with varied intensity in the lower face, and replaced with subsequent emotion(s).

Forehead: Horizontal wrinkle lines across.

Eyebrows: raised high + visibly curved. Skin below eyebrows are stretched by the lifting of the brows.

Eyes: Open wide, with whites (sclera) shown above and sometimes below the iris.

Eyelids: Upper lids raised, lifted, and widened. Maximal opening of the eyelids, dilation of the palpebral fissure. Lower eyelids stay round and relaxed. Two involuntary visceral muscles in the eyelids (the superior and inferior tarsals) widen the eyes wider, rounder, and whiter.

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Image Resource:

Ekman, P. (2003) Emotions revealed, second edition: Recognizing faces and feelings to improve communication and emotional life (2nd Ed.).  New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company.

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