Accurate Body Language Synchronicity

William and Kate visit Northern Ireland

Accurate Body Language Synchronicity is important in building trust and rapport with others.

Synchronicity involves being actively attentive in the present moment, and then subtly matching or mirroring the speaker’s body language expressions, voice qualities, and emotions.

Remember, we like those who are similar to us and those who can relate to us.

  • Try mirroring, validating, and empathizing with the speaker in
    order to understand the other’s perspective
  • Use a welcoming and curious presence
  • Observe body language expressions and listen to verbal cues
  • Notice any inconsistencies between verbal and nonverbal
  • Ask ‘Open-Ended’ questions to invite the speaker to reveal more

People will open up more on a personal level when they feel that you are truly listening to and connecting with them. 

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