Improve Poker Odds: Observe Accurate Body Language

40 Texas Holdem Winner

Play to WIN !  

Improve your odds of winning by paying attention to not only your opponents’ poker faces, but also their unintentional and revealing body language “tells.”

Closely observe each player’s playing patterns, facial, and body language expressions in order to determine Baseline, Deviations from BaselineFavorable, or Unfavorable indicators as each card is dealt.

Non-verbal body language gestures naturally and automatically:

  • Move Toward/Get Closer (or have lifted, gravity-defying qualities) in response to attractive or favorable stimuli.
  • Move Away From (or have repelling or distancing qualities ) in response to distressing or unfavorable stimuli.

After viewing cards in player’s hand or cards dealt, Favorable Body Language Indicators may include:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Forward movement or leaning inward towards the table chip action of hand, wrist, arm, torso, posture, legs, feet
  • Expansion, or spreading outwards, of nostrils, fingers, arms or legs
  • Steepling of fingers
  • Open expansion or taking up more physical space at the poker table, even infringing upon the physical space of players next to you.
  • Gravity-defying, arched, or lifted body parts:  facial expressions, eyes, eyebrows, nose, micro-expressions smiles, or chin, fingers, thumbs, hands, improved posture, head, shoulders, legs, or feet
  • Micro-expression asymmetrical smirk or duper’s smile
  • Interlacing fingers behind head with elbows expanded outwards
  • Shielding, over-protecting cards with hands
  • Standing, intimitating other players
  • Confident, high arch tossing or throwing of chips when betting

Unfavorable Body Language Indicators may include:

  • Pupil constriction, squinting, or lowered eye-contact
  • Moving away or distancing chips, poker cards, body parts, including feet and legs, from the center of poker table
  • Blocking, hiding, withdrawing, disappearing, closing, or constricted eyes, lips, fingers, thumbs, hands, arms, body gestures, posture, shoulders
  • Micro-expressions of fear, sadness
  • Increased blink rate of eyes
  • Touching, rubbing, wringing of forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, neck, ears, fingers, back of the head, legs, etc.
  • Pursing, biting, compressing, tightening, or licking of lips
  • Downward mouth or puffed air out of cheeks
  • Biting fingers
  • Twisting, playing, fidgeting with hair, body parts, or clothing
  • Feet crossed, toes pointed inward, or feet wrapped around legs of chair
  • Sweating, nervous behaviors

Remember to consider the timing, deviations from baseline patterns, and situational context so you know when to hold-em, fold-em, walk-away, or run!

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Navarro, J. (2006). Phil Hellmuth Presents Read’em and Reap: A career FBI agent’s guide to decoding poker tells.  New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.

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