Accurate Body Language: The Look of FEAR


What are the body language indicators of FEAR? 

Forehead:  horizontal wrinkle lines concentrated in the middle of the forehead

Eyebrows:  raised, straightened horizontally across

Eyes:  tense showing intensity of fear with exposed whites of eyes above dilated pupils

Eyelids:  Upper lids raised. Lower eyelids tensed, raised, and drawn up

Mouth / Lips: open-parted.  Lips stretched horizontally with tension in both upper/lower lips, with corners of lips stretched or drawn back tightly

Chin:  pulled back like in a ‘turtle’ effect

Jaws: drop open

Hands, Arms, Legs: may raise to defensively block or protect vulnerable parts of the body

The brain and automatic nervous system activates the body react to respond:

  • Freeze / Faint / Play “Dead”
    (Conserves and uses least amount of energy)
  • Flight  / Fight
    (Prepares for maximum exertion of energy and blood)

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Image Resource:

Ekman, P. (2003) Emotions revealed, second edition: Recognizing faces and feelings to improve communication and emotional life (2nd Ed.).  New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company.

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