Accurate Body Language: Talk is Cheap…Silence is PRICELESS!

Chattering Teeth

Talk is CHEAP…Silence is PRICELESS!

In body language analysis, the person who talks, reveals; and the person who listens, discovers.  In dialogue, be silent enough to discover what is being revealed verbally and non-verbally.  Be curious and pay attention to the speaker’s:

  • words said; how the words are being said (e.g., voice pitch, loudness, rate, fluency, tone, timbre, etc.);
    and what is NOT being said
  • non-verbal body language  (e.g., facial expressions, body gestures, clothing, tattoos, jewelry, etc)
  • motivation, biases, intentions, point of view
  • risk of potential rewards and negative consequences
  • situational context and timing of the stimuli
  • discrepancies between verbal and not verbal communication
  • clusters of deception indicators are “ID” areas where you should Investigate-Deeper for the truth

Invite the speaker to continue by…

  • saying, “Tell me more…”
  • asking open-ended questions
  • asking questions in different ways about various points of the speaker’s story
  • mirroring and reflecting back the important elements
  • using silence as an effective communication tool.

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