How Much is Deception Costing $$$ You?

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In business and in our interpersonal relationships, deception is costing us big-time $$$,$$$,$$$ and big-time emotional “sense!”

Think about all the times when you have been lied to…

  • by family members, co-workers, or business associates
  • by consumers, clients, employees, sales people, vendors, suppliers, contractors, etc.
  • when dating or selecting romantic partners, or by unfaithful spouses
  • when interviewing and hiring job candidates or business partners
  • in various routine day-to-day business transactions, as well as in important high-stakes negotiations

And those were the times that you knew about…think about all the other times that you weren’t even aware that you were being conned or deceived.

How much did you lose in time, money, reputation, self-esteem, and emotional well-being as a result of liars, fraud, and deception?

Just imagine how much you could have saved in time, money, reputation, self-esteem, and emotional well-being if you had known the truth!

Flip a coin…on average we are only about 50% accurate on detecting deception!

Those who are experienced in psychology and those who work in law-enforcement, government ATF, CIA, and FBI have increased deception detection accuracy to 70% – 90% by becoming experts in body language, communication, and interrogation skills.

As infants, we are born with non-verbal body language skills, but now we tend to suppress these natural skills because we use verbal language.  The good news is that we can “re-learn” our body language awareness and improve our deception detection abilities.

However, catching the liar and deception should not be the ultimate goal. Rather, detecting deception is only an important ‘stepping stone’ to move us closer to the TRUTH.  Finding the lie is not what we really want…what we really want is to find and to know the TRUTH.

By improving our non-verbal, body language, communication, and deception detection skills, we move ourselves closer to the truth so that we can set ourselves free…free to make better life, relationship, and business decisions!

So empower yourself to learn the body language and communication skills to “stamp” out liars and to move closer to the TRUTH.

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