Accurate Body Language: Look of Anger

What are the body language indicators of ANGER? According to Paul Ekman, ANGER is a universal emotion and looks like this:

Eye brows:  lowered, drawn down, narrowed, and pulled in tightly together in the middle usually with vertical line(s) or wrinkles in between eyebrows

Eyelids: Upper / lower lids are tense, and may be raised or hidden.

Eyes:  Intense gaze / penetrating stare

Nose: flare or dilated

Mouth / Lips:  either (1) narrowed, tightly pressed together, with corners straight or down, and lip tension or lower lip bulging, or (2) parted open wider and tensed in a square shape

Pitch higher, speaking louder and faster. Speech will slow down and pitch will drop in moments of intense anger

Watch out!!  The brain and automatic nervous system activates and prepares the body for maximum exertion of energy and blood, and possible fight or flight:

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Image Resource:

Ekman, P. (2003).  Emotions revealed, second edition: Recognizing faces and feelings to improve communication and emotional life (2nd Ed.).  New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company.

Ekman, P., & Friesen, W. (2003).  Unmasking the face.  Cambridge, MA: Malor Books.

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