Connection Within Your Body…of Relationships


In body language analysis, the better connection you have with the other person, the closer you get to the TRUTH.  

What’s important in life is connection within your Body…of RELATIONSHIPs.  Rather than the absolute quantity of connections, reflect on the quality of the following interpersonal relationship connections:

  • your Spiritual relationships
  • your core family relationships
  • your extended family relationships
  • your close friends who are your chosen family
  • your co-workers who have become your family
  • your school classmates with whom you share your
    (1) childhood and teenage years
    (2) collective memorable history; and
    (3) cohort experiences and life stages
  • your business colleagues with whom you often spend more time together than you spend with your family
  • your trusted mentors / consultants / clients / suppliers / vendors relationships
  • your networking, developing, and future business colleagues / mentors / consultants / clients / suppliers / and vendors

Be selective and mindful by surrounding yourself with positive energy and high integrity people.  How do you contribute to or add value in the relationship with others; how do others contribute to your life?

Be rich in your body of Relationships.  Engage in meaningful relationships, nurture, and grow these relationships.  Consider volunteering, give wholeheartedly, freely, unconditionally, and without reservations.  Have fun, share yourself, and connect with others.  Care about and get to know people…discover your own passion, and also the passions in life of others!

Go beyond social media and make someone’s day with a genuine smile or a handwritten note, rather than an ordinary email.  Have a face-to-face, heart-to-heart get-together.  What is exchanged between each personal relationship is priceless.  For it is the richness of meaningful relationships that expands our HEARTs…heals our BODIES..sharpens our MINDs, and lifts our SPIRIT.

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