Accurate Body Language: Look of Disgust

Look of Disgust

In the 1950s, American Psychologist Paul Ekman conducted research on non-verbal emotions and facial expressions, and identified 7 universal human emotions: anger, disgust, contempt, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.
The look of DISGUST may occur whenever we open our trash can and are then overwhelmed by the rotten, stinky, odor of garbage! EEEW!! The entire body instinctively reacts by pulling away from the disturbing stimuli!  Notice my right finger tips are barely holding open the garbage trash lid; while the head, hair, shoulders, upper torso are all tilting away; and the left hand fingers are completely spread out and distancing away from the offensive trash!

DISGUST usually involves the sense of smell, taste, or touch. Disgust is expressed according to the intensity of the aversion / repulsion.  The body language expression and objective is to get rid of, or get away from, the offensive taste, object, or rotten smell.  Notice the facial expressions indicating disgust:

Forehead: usually relaxed. Eyebrows are lowered.

Eyebrows:  typically down with pulled together inner corners and lowering of the upper lid.  Lower lids tense.

Eyes: narrowed openings of the eyes with lines and folds below lower lids.

Nose: upper nose wrinkling may occur along sides or near bridge

Cheeks:  raised.

Mouth / Lips: Upper lip raised with mouth slightly open or pursed. Lower lip may be raised and slightly forward, or lowered and slightly protruding forward.

Voice:  Lower voice pitch, volume, and slower speech rate

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