Accurate Body Language: Face Reading Reveals…

Babies & Body Language

After attending Lin Klaassen’s Face Reading Level One Training, I learned the importance of size, placement, and scale of facial elements to the face and head as a whole; and also how to recognize 150 individual facial traits and definitions. Face Reading gives an immediate advantage in face-to-face interactions with a high scientific degree of accuracy.

The facial traits that I have now as an adult were present when I was a baby.  For example, my right eye brow has a more definite angled arch compared to the straighter more even left eyebrow. This suggests that the left part of my brain (i.e., the analytical, logical, reasoning side) wants to be in control, prepared, and organized and the right part of my brain appreciates consistency, predictability, and an even flow of emotions in people and of events in life.

My moderate to wide-set eyes indicate that I have a broad, open, idealistic perspective and value imagination, creativity.  My personality dislikes reading about, or dealing with, boring, exacting fine-print or details in instructions or contracts.

My eyes have an upward aperature angle with curved bottom eyelids that reveal I am an optimistic, upbeat person who looks for the positive potential in people, situations, and life. My top eyelids are mostly covered when my eyes are open. This facial trait reflects that I am diplomatic, open to new people and new ideas, and passionately interested in understanding the ‘whys’ of human behavior.  I also value meaningful, close intimacy in human relationships and interactions.

Th full lips that I have now as an adult show that I am empathetic and unconditionally generous towards others, although it appears I had a thinner top lip in this baby picture.  The vertical libido lines below the nose to the middle of the mouth indicate the need for emotional, as well as physical, intimacy and touch.

As an adult, my checkbones are high and reveal that I like some variety and I am open to new experiences in life. Being an entrepreneur is an excellent example of being optimistic, energetic, and open to the full potential in business and in life.

Even in this baby picture, my nose is prominent.  Now as an adult, my large round nostrils reveal that I have a confident and generous personality, willing and happy to share my self and my knowledge with others.

Notice the large ears angling upward and away from the head with the ear tops above eye levels…these traits reflect that I am self-sufficient, self-motivated, easy going, and flexible.  Even though I may have my own unique view of life, I enjoy listening to others and validating different perspectives.

And finally, my round chin reveals thoughtfulness, concern, and compassion for others.  Thank you, Lin Klaasen for sharing your expertise in Face Reading Level One Training!  For more information about Lin Klaasen’s Face Reading and consulting services, visit her website:


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