Accurate Body Language: Facial Analysis of President Obama

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The human face is one of the most visible and important components of body language for it communicates the individual’s genetic combination; facial bone structure; skin and muscle tone, condition, and texture; life stage; and personal health and underlying emotional well-being.

The art and science of face reading goes even deeper into the meaningful interpretation of the overall head structure…studying each facial feature in order to discover a personal story…the history…and the emotional profile of the unique individual.

The following is the Accurate Body Language, LLC  facial analysis of American President Barack Obama:


  • Obama has a broad/frontal and round/full profile view of forehead.
  • He has a wide spectrum of interests, high intelligence, and mental focus.
  • Obama values innovative or creative solutions and dislikes the inflexibility of rigid environments.
  • A very slight single vertical line close to his left eyebrow reflects personal self-discipline.


  • Low-Set with thick even, well-groomed hair growth straight across
  • Obama is comfortable meeting new people
  • Maintains consistent mental focus and energy at the beginning, middle, and completion of projects

Eye Spacing + Eye Aperture Angle

  • Moderately spaced eye (3/4 of one eye width apart)
  • Ability to see the broader macro perspective, as well as the micro details.
  • Obama’s eye aperture angles appear to be level and straight across from inside corner of the eye to the outside corner, which indicates that Obama has an objective, realistic view of people and of the world.  Level aperture also indicates resilience with a personal interest in overall justice, equality, and fairness.

Depth of Eye Sockets

  • Obama appears to have moderate set eyes, not too deeply recessed or forward set eyes.  People with moderate set eyes can be open and expressive, and also introspective, reserved, observant, and reflective.

Visible Upper Eyelids When Eyes are Open

  • Thin slivers of Obama’s outer upper eyelid edges are barely visible, indicating that he is both independent and also values close relationships. He can balance the introversion and extroversion parts of his personality, but he does need private time and space to reflect on his thoughts and to recharge his energy.

Bottom Eyelids

  • Obama’s bottom eyelids appear fairly straight across, indicating that he may be reserved until trust is established in the relationship. Then, Obama has a strong sense of being faithful, loyal, and devoted to the relationship.

Mouth Angle:

  • In a relaxed, non-smiling state, Obama’s mouth angle is straight across with a slight lift in his left mouth corner angle. This indicates that Obama is an objective, active, and attentive listener with the ability to understand and reflect back the speaker’s perspective on the issue.

Upper and Lower Lips:

  • Upper lip is less full than lower lip. He is careful about his word choice (thinner upper lip) and is generous towards others (fuller lower lip).

Puppet-Lines from Nose to Outer Mouth:

  • Obama has deep, visible lines drawn from his nostrils to around his mouth corners, indicating that he has natural talent in verbal communication.

Obama Smiling


  • Obama’s smile shows large, straight teeth with minimal visible gums on top and lips are relaxed.  His eyes also are involved in his natural smile, as evidenced by crow’s feet wrinkles on the outer eye corners.  These traits reveal that Obama is comfortable in the situation and has a high level of personal comfort and confidence.

Cheekbones & Cheeks:

  • Obama’s high cheekbones indicate that he is open to new experiences and demonstrates flexibility with others.
  • His cheeks are fuller at the outer edges; suggesting that he has self-confidence and personal power with long-term energy and endurance.


  • Obama’s nose profile is fairly straight indicating that he has a logical approach to strategies and long-term goals.
  • The bottom of Obama’s nose has a slight angle upwards; therefore, he is optimistic and open to the opinions of others. He is in touch with his emotions.
  • Large round, wide-flared, nostrils indicate self-confidence, in-charge attitude, generosity, and willingness to share with others.


  • Obama’s ears appear to be medium sized, but his ears are noticeably flared and angled away from his head. This suggests that he is self-sufficient, confident, and not afraid of having a unique style, outlook, and perspective in life.
  • His inner ears are more prominent than his outer ear ridge, giving Obama an intuitive, creative, or spiritual approach to how he views the world.
  • Obama also has notches in his outer ear ridges that reinforce his originality from mainstream ordinary norms.

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