The Body Language Institute Janine Driver’s Elite “You Can’t Lie to Me: Train-the-Trainer Program”

The Body Institute: "You Can't Lie to Me: Train-the-Trainer Program"

In the commitment to excellence, Accurate Body Language, LLC:

  1. selected training by New York Best Selling Author, ex-ATF, and aka “Lyin’ Tamer” Janine Driver who is simply THE BEST and the “Driving Force” in Body Language, Verbal and Auditory Tells, and Statement Analysis.
  2. joined an elite group of dynamic professionals and Body Language instructors who have completed Janine Driver’s intensive Body Language Institute “Train-the-Trainer” Certification Program based on her New York Best Selling book “YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME,” (Harper One, August 28, 2012).

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you too could learn valuable Body Language skills and then be able to tell the difference between TRUTH vs. BS?  Deception COSTS you TIME, EFFORT, and $$$,$$$! Can you afford to wait…?

NOW is the time to act!

Imagine transforming your life, relationships, and career with Body Language Confidence, Charisma, and Clout!

You Can't Lie to Me

Contact Accurate Body Language today for speaking engagements, education, training, commentary on high-profile cases, and consulting services relating to:

* Comprehensive Body Language Analysis
* Fraud and Deception Detection
* Powerful, Effective Interview and Interrogation Techniques
* Interpersonal Relationship and Integrated Communication

Empowering TRUTH-Seekers to:
* Protect their Life, Family, and Finances
* Achieve Body Language CONFIDENCE, CHARISMA, & CLOUT
* “Stamp-Out” Liars by Detecting Deception
* Move Closer to the TRUTH…and,
* Improve Decisions in Life, Interpersonal Relationships, High-Stakes Negotiations, and Business

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