Accurate Body Language: Defying Gravity Shows Confidence!

Touchdown Gravity Defying Gestures

When you’re HAPPY and you know it, RAISE your HANDS!!

It’s true, when we are excited, the happiest, most confident, self-assured, exuberant, and in the WINNING free-spirit we show exhilarating GRAVITY-DEFYING body gestures.  Arms, legs, and other body parts express gleeful positive emotions and move freely, joyfully, and effortlessly.  For example, we do the following:

  • smile the most radiant, genuine smile
  • lift our eyes, eyebrows, cheeks
  • show crow’s feet by the eyes
Facial Real Smile Genuine
How to Tell a Genuine, Real Smile
  • raise our arms and hands in a touchdown…or,


  • lift our arms like Usain Bolt when crossing the finish line in a track event or marathon;


  • do a gymnastics cartwheel or jubilant handstand;

1 arm handstand

  • skip or do a ‘happy’ dance

family skipping

So, observe when others are showing their emotions with gravity-defying body language gestures.  Do these behaviors appear reasonable, given the situational context?  For example, after getting a raise or promotion, or winning $$$ in a lottery, it is reasonable and expected for people to jump up and down for joy!!

However, it would be bizarre to see gravity defying body language after being charged with a serious crime.  Even 1st degree, pre-meditated murder charges didn’t faze Jodi Arias as she did a handstand in the police interrogation room!!

JODI ARIAS Handstand

Most people would be scared, fearful, worried, nervous, and sweating ‘bullets’ about such serious murder charges…, but not Jodi Arias!  Her handstand conveyed body-language self-confidence and feelings of being in-control.

She even boldly said in an interview, “No jury is going to convict me…because I am innocent…, and you can mark my words on that one…no jury will convict me.”  Despite her gravity defying self-assured behaviors, the jury decided otherwise and ultimately convicted Jodi Arias on 1st degree pre-meditated murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander based on the evidence and witnesses involved in the trial.  She probably is not doing her infamous signature ‘handstand’ or cartwheels now behind prison bars!

Navarro, J. (2008). What every body is saying: An ex-FBI agent’s guide to speed-reading people.  New York, NY:  HarperCollins Publishers.

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