Celebrity Body Language on KISS Cam!

Take a look at the body language of these celebs who were caught on Kiss Cam!

Famous Faces on the KISS Cam

Ashton & Mila: keep their kiss private & intimate. Mila’s raised cheek shows genuine smile as she draws in for her smooch. They show affection as they hold hands during their kiss.

Obama Kiss is more awkward. The Prez only turns his head and does not turn his torso or move his left arm to embrace his wife. Mrs O has her arms distanced away from hubby.

Victoria is showing more affection towards David with her hand gently placed on his back and shoulder areas. David also does not unlock his own hands to embrace her!

Tom Hanks and wife Rita show how to give a KISS with full connection and embrace. Those around the couple applaud!

While Justin Bieber was into the kiss with a smile, Selena appeared stiff and awkward; her face was not relaxed and she gripped her hands together to brace herself.

“From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Knows…The TRUTH!”


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