In a SNAP of the Fingers on First Impressions, Are You LIKED or DISLIKED?

Snap 1st Impressions
Snap 1st Impressions

In a SNAP of the fingers, our limbic brain and unconscious mind determines within 4 seconds or less whether we like or dislike others.


Appearance, attractiveness, and body language messages are all critical factors in establishing whether FIRST impressions will be favorable or unfavorable.

Accurate Body Language SAVVY teaches you how to make the most of those split seconds and the best first impressions:

  1. SMILE:  when you flash a genuine, pleasant smile, most people will automatically respond and smile back
  2. LOOK into their eyes (of course, be respectful and take into account appropriate gender and cultural norms)
  3. TORSO to TORO and NAVEL Intelligence: turn your heart, torso, navel, and feet completely towards the other person to show your interest
  4. LISTEN & LEARN: give your full and undivided attention
  5. CONNECT authentically and on an emotional level
  6. BE FULLY ENGAGED in the present moment
  7. SUBTLY MIRROR & SYNCHRONIZE with the other person’s breathing rate, voice characteristics, and body positions.
  8. UNITE others with shared common, core beliefs
  9. Create EASE & COMFORT in order to establish positive rapport
  10. Activate inner PERSONAL POWER.  People gravitate to those with confidence, charisma, and leadership qualities.

CONTACT Accurate Body Language, LLC Today to make the most of your FIRST and LASTING Impressions:

  • Body Language and Communication Analysis
  • Learn How to Detect Deception and Ask Effective Interrogatory Questions
  • Individualized One-on-One Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements / Keynote / Presentations / Conferences
  • Group Training / Workshops / Seminars
  • Business / Sales / Executive Team Development
  • Employee Team Building / Motivation
  • Human Resource Interviewing

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