Want a SIMPLE Way to Increase Success and Get Others to Say YES More Often?

It’s easy with the S-O-F-T-E-N Body Language acronym!

Founder & CEO  Janette Ghedotte

Be genuine and SMILE! When you radiate a warm, authentic, smile, people will naturally light up, smile back, and feel connected to you!  Enhance attractiveness and emotional rapport by smiling and showing others your personality.  Smile your way to getting a YES in your personal relationships and in business endeavors.

Facial Real Smile Genuine

Open body posture, gestures, and positions are welcoming and inviting.

Accurate Body Language, LLC Jump

Avoid crossing arms or legs because others may subconsciously interpret these as signs of disinterest, disagreement, or distress.

JG ContemptClosed arms and legs

Open vs Closed Positions

Therefore, show interest and attention by maintaining open eyes, heart, torso, arms, and legs positioned towards the person to whom you are engaged in conversation.

Open Body

Forward body positions show interest because we move closer when we are interested or attracted, and we move away when we are not interested or when we want to distance ourselves from something that we do not like.

Leaning forward

Using an appropriate sense of touch can help create a positive experience and connection.  Remember to consider the context or situation. Touch in a social environment or intimate setting has wider acceptance ranges. In business, the most common example of touch is the handshake.


For most, the EYES are the focal point of interest and the key indicators of mood, trustworthiness, and other important elements of non-verbal body language. Be considerate and mindful of gender and cultural differences regarding eye contact and gaze.

Captivating Eyes

Nodding the head up and down may mean YES, acceptance, politeness, or respect in many cultures, but not universally across all cultures.  Be respectful of international meanings and variances regarding the head nod. For example, in some countries, such as GreeceMacedoniaBulgaria and Albania a gesture of nodding the head up (not down) indicates a “no.”  Whereas in South Asian cultures, most notably in southern India, a side-to-side tilting and motion of the head (i.e., head wobble or bobble) may look like “No” or disagreement to Americans, but may actually mean “Yes”, “Good”, “OK” or “I understand”, depending on the context. 

In summary, to improve your body language communication success and connection with others, remember to S-O-F-T-E-N your approach and you will enjoy more “YES!!” from others!

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