Top Ten Powerful Body Language Secrets

Wow! Check out GDASTD Board Member Swati Karve, Ph.D
Swati Karve’s posting of the Accurate Body Language LLC presentation on 02/11/14!

Thank you, Swati!

Swati Karve is the Founder, Arcturus Global Consulting- Offering Training, OD & Performance Consulting and Life Skills Coaching

ATD Detroit

Photo by ZoneCreative - iStockPhoto Photo by ZoneCreative – iStockPhoto

Last month’s topic “Boost Training Effectiveness: Top Ten Powerful Body Language Secrets” was apt for trainers and facilitators. Janette Ghedotte, Founder, Accurate Body Language, gave insights into how body language impacts communication. Using techniques such as demonstrations and You Tube video clips she got the audience to identify some important body language cues to motivation.

She demonstrated how facilitators can make use of “power poses” using hands, legs, feet, torso, one’s posture and facial expression to show confidence and address the audience. She explained the “mirroring” technique to engage the audience. Mirroring refers to an interaction where one person experiences the same emotion as another person he/she is interacting with. She explained Paul Ekman’s seven universal emotions and facial expressions.

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