A Belgian Perspective on Belgium – American Culture and Body Language


In an Accurate Body Language LLC Podcast interview, Dr. Marie-Pierre Gustin candidly shares her Belgian perspective of American body language, International cultural meanings, similarities, and differences.

Marie-Pierre Gustin

With host Accurate Body Language Founder and CEO Janette Ghedotte, listen and enjoy a conversational audio podcast as Dr. Gustin describes her experience with, and what surprises her about, American culture and body language regarding:

  • in business and academic school settings
  • in initial greetings (e.g., salutations, handshakes, touch, etc)
  • regarding gender and social etiquette
  • clothing and especially SNEAKERS!!
  • American vs European way of holding forks and knives during meals


Dr. Gustin also shares her International cultural perspectives, observations, and body language tips regarding:

  • using formal Mr., Mrs., Ms., titles and when to address others by first names
  • business and social greetings (e.g., how to shake hands, hug or not to hug, kiss or not to kiss, etc)
  • eye contact
  • paying attention to capture the most in body language communication!

Marie-Pierre Gustin’s BIO:
Dr. Gustin has a Belgian MS in Agricultural sciences from the ‘Université Catholique de Louvain’ and a US Ph.D in Environmental Sciences from the University of Wisconsin.

During her academic years she has specialized in assessing the impact of humans activities on river ways and lakes as well as in understanding global nutrient (Phosphorus, Nitrogen) cycles.

Dr. Gustin is passionate about helping people and organizations create a healthy and vibrant future and about inspiring them to take actions while saving them time, money and worries.

During her 18 years as environmental consultant, Dr. Gustin has managed strategic, analytical, technical, legal and communication projects within big and small international companies, NGOs and governmental institutions. Her biggest accomplishments have been in the strategic arena where she succeeded at redirecting projects so they could become more suitable and profitable for her employers, and gave guidance to rewrite a national law so it was more easily understood and implemented by business owners, companies and governmental bodies alike. Her employers and customers benefit from her analytical and people skills with a touch of intuition that has given her an edge.

Dr. Gustin is also a Social Marketer for MODERE.COM a company capitalizing on two major trends social media and online shopping and pioneering in a new business model called Social Retail. On top, MODERE is a safe made sexy, the company has among the safest personal care and household products in the Industry brought to you in a stylish and smart way. You can literaly beautify your home and body with a click.

Belgium Map Image Resources:

More About Belgium Body Language:

More About Belgium Tourism:


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