Accurate Body Language Interviews Dr. Pat Jary on the Top 3 “MUST DO” things (plus a BONUS tip) to achieve better health and physical shape

Janette Ghedotte and Dr. Pat Jary

OK, we survived a long winter together.  Now, are you ready for summer & flaunting your “swimsuit” ready BODIES?  

We all say that we want better BODIES, health, & fitness, but what are we doing about it? 

Accurate Body Language interviews Dr. Patrick Jary a Certified Wellness Nutrition & Natural Health fitness expert, chiropractor, and the author of the motivational book, “212 Degrees, Just past the edge of where you have already been are where YOUR miracles await you!” 

Dr. Patrick Jary shares his knowledge on the topics of Body, Fitness, Muscles.

He recommends these Top 3 “MUST DO” things (plus 1 BONUS tip) to achieve better health and physical shape:


Want a flat, toned abdominal area?  Dr. Jary demonstrates 5 CORE exercises:

How does Health & Fitness influence my BODY Language?

In a nutshell it’s very simple – when you feel good, you think good, you look good, and you act good.  Regular good health does many things to impact a persons body language.

Good health: Boosts confidence, promotes an attitude of gratitude, increases energy which = increased productivity, all of which will innately cause one to make subtle positive changes such as…. body posture, eye contact, relaxed demeanor, the amount you smile, general physical flexibility, slower and deeper breathing.

It is also causes endorphins to be released which offset poor attitude, slouching, low energy levels, body rigidity, shallow breathing and aches and pains.  It’s literally a no-brainer, as your body will make the positive adjustments subconsciously as the body becomes healthier!

What are the top 3 MUST DO things to be in better shape?

  2. DIET

All kinds of planning and preparation are great, but they don’t mean anything if you do not DO something with them.

It does not have to be a big action or a dramatic and detailed plan to start.  Just take the first step and then every time after that each step will get steadily easier for you.

All conditions for you to begin your journey of fitness do not have to be perfect in order to begin.  Much like the saying, “If you begin a trip and wait for all the traffic lights to turn green for a quick and smooth trip, you will never begin your journey.”

Anyone can workout.  The real battles are fought in the kitchen.  Yes, the hour in the gym is important…but what you do with the other 23 hours is critical for your success!

Eating in a disciplined fashion most of the time is not a suggestion…it is a MUST.

But don’t panic, you don’t have to give up your vices.  Allowing yourself a ‘cheat’ day is essential too! Let yourself eat whatever you want on that day – the sky’s the limit!  This is good for your psyche as you know that in just a few days you can get your fix of whatever junk food you like, and will help to prevent you from burning out of eating a healthy diet.

Persistence is key the key for success in all ventures.  It is what seperates the weekend warriors from the dedicated few.  Like the gentle rain that scours and sculpts the immoveable mountains and hardened riverbeds, it is your regular and continuous effort that will gladly give you the body & fitness level you have always desired.


Dr Jary exercise

Which muscle group is the most important to develop? And how do I effectively train them?

That’s easy. Your core. The abdominal and supportive back muscles should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Examples of core exercises for the beginner would include:

  • Basic crunches
  • Oblique crunches
  • Scarecrows
  • Foot reachers
  • Leg raises/press
  • Knee lifts
  • Planks

**Tips: Don’t be in a hurry, a hurried workout is a poor workout.  And don’t play with your ipod or cell phone – put them away when you workout. They are unnecessary distractions away from the focus of what you are aiming to achieve.

How are fitness and personal relationships connected?

People, couples, families and even pets (dogs) that workout together enjoy many synergistic benefits.  It gives direct one on one time with those you love.  It builds bonds that can be strengthened in no other way.

It opens lines of communication that may not have present otherwise.  It allows you to focus on that significant other without the typical distractions which are ever present in our culture, while nurturing a supportive, cooperative, encouraging and symbiotic relationship.

How do I find time in my already crazy schedule for a fitness routine?

The motto “If it’s important you will find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse.” comes to mind here.

Like any new habit you should start slowly and gently, gradually easing yourself into it.  Do not plan on a 5 day per week workout for an hour to start with.  Instead perhaps start with 2 days a week for 30 minutes each day.  If you overwhelm yourself you could burn out quickly and quit.

Modify is the key word here, everyone has different time schedules, strengths and aptitudes, and each person must tailor their fitness routine to those aptitudes and lifestyles.

Why do I keep quitting my exercise habits?

First off, quitting is normal. It is part of most people’s evolution of fitness (and other habits for that matter).  Most of us have hard wired programming within us that comes from our previous expereinces in life which can either hinder or help with the goal you are striving for.

Another consideration is that people are usually impatient with seeing changes in their body. Again this is normal, but over time you can train yourself into developing more patience, with the time it takes to notice your self improvement.  The good news is that your old programming can be changed, through the previously mentioned Action, Diet and Persistence.

When will I see results?

Every person is different. We all have different levels of discipline, dedication, distraction, diet, determination and so forth. Those factors, and several others, will largely influence how quickly (or slowly) you are allowed to see the positive changes you are striving for.

It is also very common for other people to see the changes way before you do. Our brains are usually set up with negative filters which allow us to see the bad much more readily, instead of seeing the good.  Again, patience is king here. Otherwise you will be tempted to quit if you do not see quick results.

TIP: Throw away your scale. Measuring how much you weigh to determine your fitness level is kind of like weighing a piece of fruit to see how ripe it makes little sense….and besides, a scale will not help your patience level either.

Dr. Jary and Kids
Dr. Patrick Jary’s Bio and Contact Information:

“I was supposed to be an astronaut. Or a meteorologist. Or a soldier. Or an astronomer. Or a pilot.  At least those were my original choices.  Seriously.  But as I went through school I found that I had an aptitude for life sciences, and that I really enjoyed interacting with lots of people on a one-to-one level in an arena where I could help improve their lives.  Becoming a doctor of chiropractic seemed the perfect blend of what I liked and what I was good at, so here we are 20+ years later, saving the world one spine at a time.  My motto:  The foundation for ALL happiness is good health.” 


“From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!”

Janette Ghedotte

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