Could undetected DECEPTION be right in front of your eyes…?

We believe what we want to believe, and only see what we want to see!  

What are we blind to because we are not paying attention, or because we don’t want to believe the facts?

How many LIES are occurring without your even knowing?  Is your BS Radar sharp enough to detect deception?

Body Language requires KEEN observation and listening skills.

In these fun optical illusions, what do you see right in front of your eyes …and what escapes your detection…?
Optical Illusions3

Optical illusion3

Optical Illusions4

Optical Illusion5

optical Illusions 4



Get the Body Language and statement analysis skills needed to sharpen your BS Radar of detecting deception!  

Get to the TRUTH faster; avoid costly mistakes; and maximize CONFIDENCE, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and CAREERS with Body Language and Lie-Spotting SAVVY!

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  • Comprehensive Body Language and Statement Analysis
  • Fraud and Deception Detection
  • Effective Interview & Interrogation Techniques
  • Human Behavior, Relationships, and Communication
  • Management / Employee / Sales Team Development
  • Speaking Engagements / Keynote Presentations / Conferences
  • Education / Training / Workshops / Seminars
  • Jury Consultant / Commentary on Criminal Cases

Optical Illusions:

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