From Ice Rink to Dance Floor, Trish Stuckey Shows Competitive Spirit, Confident Body Movement, & Creative Expression

Trish Ice Skating 2

Trish Stuckey comes from an extensive background in figure skating and ice dancing where she trained with top world coaches and alongside many Olympic gold silver and bronze medalists.

Chris and Trish

Trish understands the importance of keeping her athletic body in optimum health and condition in order to endure the rigorous practice, training, and competition of ice skating or ballroom dance!  Her body is also her instrument in her poetic music of creative expression.

Nutcracker guests skaters

Listen to this Exclusive Accurate Body Language audio podcast interview as Trish describes her BODY of work and progression from competitive ice-skating champion to Master Teacher for the College of Ballroom Dance; the only ballroom college in Michigan. Then she continued to become the first and only Regional Examiner in Michigan where she can train and certify other professionals through the DVIDA curriculum.


Trish Stuckey / Ashleigh DeWeese Alarcon Trish Stuckey /
Ashleigh DeWeese Alarcon[/caption]

In 2012 Trish partnered up with good friend and now business partner, Ashleigh Alarcon and founded Footnotes in Ann Arbor. Together, they want to create something no one else in Michigan has. Their vision is to help people have perfect health through dance, nutrition and fitness as well as bring people together to build the dance community. Trish and Ashleigh pride themselves in creating a welcoming and family- like environment at Footnotes.

It is Trish’s intention to listen to each student and do everything she can to help them reach their dance goals. She can choreograph wedding dances, showcase routines, help build confidence, prepare students for competition, refine dance skills and technique, and prepare instructors for professional certification. Dancing and teaching is her passion and she wants to share it with you!

Believe That Success is Your Only Option

Trish Stuckey back 2

In addition to being a Footnotes Dance Studio business partner, Trish is also a YOR Health Representative and a LaBlast Fitness Instructor!

Here’s Trish’s exercise routine,

“During the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge I did LaBlast Dance Fitness for cardio on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • On Tuesday and Thursday’s I would do weight training and target upper body one day and lower body the next.
  • Saturday I would take a Body Pump class which targeted my whole body.
  • I also practice with my dance partner 2 hours a day 6 times a week.
  • I practice Yoga once a week.
  • It doesn’t mean that anyone who wants to get in shape has to commit to this extensive of a regimen…. this is what I’m used to and I enjoy being this active!
  • My goal during the 8-week challenge was to inspire others to lead healthier lives and have more muscle tone and a 6- pack!”

Exercise to be Fit


Trish Stuckey side 3

Some things I enjoy doing to have fun or relax are reading, yoga, shopping, watching movies, social dancing, playing pool, playing cards, being near water and of course spending time with friends and family!”

Trish Yoga on Lawn 5

If you’re looking to live a healthier life through exercise and diet, Ms. Trish Stuckey can help you with both!

Trish lives life passionately, “I teach dance because I love the smile it puts on peoples faces and the happiness it brings to their lives. I love seeing people go for their dreams and accomplishing their goals! I love competing and performing and I want to share my passion.”

Yours in Dance and Health,

Trish Stuckey

Footnotes Ann Arbor
DVIDA Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor
Regional Examiner
YOR Health Representative
LaBlast Fitness Instructor


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