Want a Confidence Booster? Jewelry Brightens & Sparkles Women’s BODY Language From the Outside-IN!


Better than chocolate…with all-day, longer-lasting effects, Accurate Body Language knows the POWER of jewelry to uplift women’s confidence from the Outside-IN!  

Although jewelry is a tangible ornament worn on the body, jewelry creates intangible emotional feelings inside and BODY Language benefits outside!  

Immediately after placing jewelry on our bodies, we women notice that our mood changes!

Suddenly, we feel better!  More polished, more ready-for-the-world!! Jewelry not only accents our outfits, but jewelry also reflects to the world our unique style, status, and personalities…without saying a word!

But the non-verbal messages are loud and clear!  Movie star legend Elizabeth Taylor understood the essential euphoria of jewelry!  Her stunning beauty looked even more multi-faceted when she wore her brilliant collection.

At Christie’s auction in New York on December 13, 2011, Elizabeth Taylor’s astonishing jewelry collection sold for $115.9 million!  Darling, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!


For movie stars or neighborhood moms-on-the-go, baubles and bling make us sparkle even brighter!

For me, I notice that I carry myself differently…my head lifts higher and my posture stands taller.  Amazingly, I feel a more enhanced personal presence and power.  Jewelry pieces give my business suits and dresses more feminine authority.  Even when I have on a simple white T-Shirt and jeans…selecting and wearing just the right jewelry pieces tell the world about my attention to details, individual flair, and uniqueness.

Jewelry is worn on the body, but the radiant glow is from within!

How can this be?  Wearing jewelry is almost DRUG-Like!  Perhaps upon seeing, holding, be-holding, and then wearing jewelry, DOPAMINE the “FEEL-GOOD” hormone and neurotransmitter gets released and floods our synapses like an avalanche without any negative side-effects!!

Listen to the Accurate Body Language audio interview below with Silpada Design Silver Manager Susan Jones as she explains the effects of jewelry, including the amazing Silpada Sisterhood connection and empowerment jewelry offers to women:







Your hubby just called and said you can spend whatever your heart desires!


Three Sassy Silpada Sisters & a Cousin!!


My friend Courtney Townsend Hewett’s WONDERFUL Family…Tami, Courtney, Susan, and Tawnya!

Courtney Townsend Hewett Looks GORGEOUS!!


Busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur Courtney Townsend Hewett not only LOVES jewelry for her personal life, she also shares how jewelry is important for her professional Hewett Media business and for her TV productions style, makeup, and design services.


Courtney Hewett is the owner of Hewett Media, Inc., a multi-media production support company.  With 20+ years in the Michigan production community, she is currently working as a freelance make-up artist & wardrobe stylist for TV/Media/Print/Weddings but is also qualified as a live events production coordinator and photographer assistant.  Courtney works on set with commercial, industrial and corporate clients including Ford, Bosch, and Wayne County Community College District.  She can be reached at email: hewettmedia@comcast.net



Courtney’s sister Tawnya Bender Looks Professional and Polished Wearing Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Bangles, Boho Necklace, and Earrings!

Tawnya is very deliberate in her selection of what jewelry to wear with her outfits. Tawnya enjoys jewelry as it makes her “…feel sparkly…and pretty…and complete!”




Tawnya is a free-lance graphic designer and has worked in radio and television and in print as a producer, writer and editor.  She spends a good deal of her career in PR and Marketing for non-profit organizations, including the Archdiocese of Detroit, the Fr. Solanus Guild, Catholic Social Services, the Langsford Men’s Chorus, and several parishes. Tawnya currently serves on the Board of Directors for South Oakland Shelter in Southfield (for homeless families and individuals), and as a member of the PR Advisory Committee for the Fr. Solanus Center in Detroit.  Tawnya can be reached at email:  tkbender@comcast.net


All in all, girls just wanna have fun…and show off their smiles and their shine with just the right jewelry and inner glow.  So you go, GIRLS, and look GORGEOUS!!


IMG_1746    SilpadaFindYourself

Susan Jones has been a Silpada Designs jewelry representative for over 10 years.

What started on a fun whim to get some free jewelry and make some part time cash when her youngest son Thomas started kindergarten, has grown into a fun, flexible business income.

Every time she goes to work, she ends up at a party!

To start your own Silpada Designs business, to host your own Silpada Designs girl’s night, or simply to receive a catalog to purchase Silpada Designs jewelry, please contact Susan at (636) 248-2444 by phone, suzijones@aol.com by email, or visit her website at http://www.mysilpada.com/susie.jones.

You can also find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/925sterlinggirl.


“Get-to-the TRUTH!” Janette Ghedotte is an EXPERT in Human Behavior & Communication:

JG Headshot

  • Get to the TRUTH faster
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Maximize CONFIDENCE, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and CAREERS with Body Language and Lie-Spotting SAVVY!

CONTACT Accurate Body Language, LLC today:

  • Comprehensive Body Language and Statement Analysis
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