Yikes! Another Bill Cosby Accuser: Is Actress Angela Leslie Lying or Telling the TRUTH?

Angela Leslie

The double-digit count of women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault continues to grow, and now includes actress Angela Leslie.  Does Ms. Leslie’s body language and verbal statements show that she is lying or telling the truth?

Below is the Accurate Body Language analysis of Ms Leslie’s Exclusive New York Daily News video interview on Friday, November 21, 2014.  The Accurate Body Language analysis focuses on her BODY language gestures and VERBAL statements.  The following suggest indicators of truthfulness:

0:14 -0:45: Throughout the beginning introduction of the interview, Ms. Angela Leslie’s:

  • palms were open, upward, and outstretched
  • hands matched up with what she was describing the event.
  • eyes looked to her upper left when recalling details from memory.

0:16 – 0:26: “Cosby isn’t saying anything…he’s not apologizing…he’s pretending as if it did not happen.  It did happen….because it happened with me”

  • These are straightforward statements.
  • She (1) vertically nodded her head with (2) synchronized hands together in an up and down fashion, and (3) gestured fingers toward her chest to emphasize her (4) direct statement, “It did happen….because it happened with me.”

0:27 – 0:37:

  • her hands continued to be in synch with her verbal account of his putting her hands on his penis.
  • her head shook left to right and matched up to her statement, “It is something that I did not go there for…I did not initiate that kind of action.”  The phrase ‘that kind of action’ indicates subconscious distancing language. 

0:37 – 0:39:

  • Ms. Leslie vertically nodded her head as she directly stated again, “…so, it happen….I want people to know that…he’s not the person…”
  • Right palm opened upward and outstretched
  • “…that America thinks that he is.”  Now, both palms opened upward, and outstretched.

1:22 – 1:26:

  • Ms. Leslie’s eyes opened wider and brighter with lifted and curved eyebrows showing greater passion and interest when she talked about, “I thought we were meeting to discuss my acting and how he would be instrumental in helping me to achieve my acting…”

1:30 – 1:34: 

  • eyes looked to her upper left when recalling details from memory.

1:40 – 2:00:

  • Ms. Leslie used running narrative dialogue of not only what she said and did, but also described in detail what he said and did.
  • Liars do not provide details or running narrative dialogue of a fabricated story, ‘I said or did this…and then he said or did that…’ because the conversation script of a fabricated story did not happen.
  • Her nonverbal are in synch with her verbal statements.  In contrast, liars tend to be restricted or limited in body movement and hand gestures because liars are focused on getting their fabricated story straight in their head.  Therefore, they are concentrating on the mental side of their lies and can’t concentrate on the physical or emotional expressions of what is not true about their story version.
  • Her left hand and fingers touched her hair and left ear indicating unease and pacifying gesture as she began to describe, “…and he handed me a drink…”
  • Both hands gestured the size of a glass when describing “…it was a dark beverage…”
  • Her head shook left-to-right and her hands gestured NO which matched her words as she reported, “I am not much of a drinker…at all.

2:06 – 2:08:

  • Her eyes closed shut with wrinkles in between centered-lifted eyebrows and  horizontal hand chop all emphasized her dislike and distaste when she said, “…and I tasted the beverage, and it was extremely strong.  

2:08 – 2:13:

  • Eyes closed again with right index finger and thumb together gesturing, “I just took a tiny sip of it…” (notice another pacifying gesture of right hand tucking hair back behind right ear indicating discomfort or unease…)
  • She describes her emotional reaction with continued matching hand gestures to the taste of the beverage with, “I could not stomach it!”  

2:22 – 2:26:

  • Both hands gestured at her hair and shoulders as she described, “…I went into the bathroom…I wet my hair and slicked it back…”

2:42 – 2:55:

  • Micro-expressions of disgust with eyes closed shut with wrinkles in between centered-lifted eyebrows and wrinkles on bridge of nose as she described, ”’…and he summoned me (gestured her hand to herself) over to the bed…and he proceeded to get some Vaseline lotion…and put it in my hands..and…”  
  • She had difficulty saying the word, penis… and shoulder shrug indicating unease as she continued, “…and he did the masturbation movement with his hands on top of mine…”
  • Ms. Leslie finished this section of dialogue with a downward ‘YES’ gestured nod of the head and pursed lips.

2:58 – 3:07:

  • her head shook left to right in a ‘NO’ gesture matched up to her statement, “I could not believe that the Cosby that I had watched on television all this time…and the person who was just a comedian, funny,…it was…I was shocked… ”

3:17 – 3:21:

  • Her head continued shaking ‘No’ with micro-expressions of disgust with closed eyes closed and wrinkles in between centered-lifted eyebrows and wrinkles on bridge of nose as she emotionally described, “…I felt pretty dirty…and…(with trembled lips) I just felt disgusted…”

Accurate Body Language Summary:

Throughout the New York Daily News November 21, 2014 video interview of Ms. Angela Leslie, her body language and verbal statements conveyed truthful indicators of her story version.  During most of her narrative, she appeared credible and her speech rate and rhythm was fluid and conversational.  At times, however, her shoulder shrugs indicated uncertainty in her statements or unease about what was happening in the event.

Toward the remainder of the 5 minute video interview, she appeared more emotional as she described her desires to be in the entertainment industry.  She also appeared emotional as she concluded, “…I feel like I was hindered by him because I didn’t go along with his usual scheme and plan was with other women…”  

Ms. Leslie spent time explaining her thoughts after the alleged event with pursed, trembled, and tightened her lips showing her discomfort and negative emotion.  However, she appeared more upset that her career was hindered in her opinion by Cosby than she was fearful of him, or angry at him, for his alleged un-welcomed sexual advances and actions. 

Ms. Leslie’s interview had a beginning (timeframe up to 1:34 minutes), a middle (between 1:34 to 3:21 minutes ), and an end (from 3:22 to 5:01 minutes).

In contrast, liars don’t elaborate on or show emotions in the aftermath of a fabricated story.  Liars’ story ratios are typically higher proportioned in the beginning, with less revealing or substantially relevant details in the middle, and brief or abrupt statements at the conclusion. 

Angela Leslie and the Other Women: 

Components of her alleged experience are similar to the other women’s alleged experiences with Bill Cosby, specifically accusing him of involuntary attempting to drug them, rendering them impaired or unconscious resulting in non-consensual sex.  All were young, vulnerable, impressionable, and naïve in their actions or expectations.

As mature women who are living and learning through their experiences now, what role did they have in the situation?  Would advice would they now give to their younger selves or to their young daughters?  What would they do differently if they could replay their life in the past?  What safety advice would they give other women?

Bill Cosby:

It is important to point out that it was Bill Cosby, not any of the young women, who had more of the power, control, and influence over the other.  As a 77 year-old man who is now living and learning through these alleged predatory and sexual assault allegations, would role did he have in these situations?

What advice would Bill Cosby give to his younger self or to his four daughters?  Would he want any of his daughters going through what his accusers have alleged happened?  What would he do differently if he could replay his life in the past?  What safety advice would he give women or men to prevent or avoid being placed in, or accused of, situations of alleged sexual assault?

Camille Cosby:

And what about the even more silent wife Camille Cosby…?  Where is her voice and what are her emotions in all of this?  In the glare of the public, she is living her own private nightmare regarding the alleged predatory and sexual assault allegations against her husband.

In the May 2000 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Camille Cosby revealed that she has an intuitive sense of detecting dishonesty and lack of integrity in others. Camille Cosby not only can’t stand dishonesty and lack of integrity, but she also stated that integrity should permeate every aspect of own’s life. Camille boldly said, “And if you don’t have it, I’m going to feel it, and that’s the end of it.”  Does Bill Cosby reflect the personal honesty and integrity that she values at her fundamental essential core?  And if any or all of the allegations are true, how does Camille stay true to herself and live up to her own personal honesty, integrity, and their marriage together?

Would role did Camille Cosby have during all the alleged sexual assault and infidelity claims?  What advice would Camille Cosby give to her younger self or to her four daughters?  Would she want any of her four daughters going through what her husband’s accusers have alleged happened?  What would she do differently if she could replay her life in the past?  What safety advice would she give women or men to prevent or avoid being placed in, or accused of, situations of alleged sexual assault?

The List of Women Keeps Growing into Double-Digits: 

The women’s accusations of alleged inappropriate sexual conduct from Bill Cosby span a reported 45 year life-span without legal consequences imposed upon him and also without any libel or defamation of character lawsuits filed by Cosby’s legal team against the women.  Even though immediate legal actions weren’t taken by the women or by Bill Cosby’s legal team, and the Statute of Limitations may have expired for many of the women, each of their body language and statement analysis reveal more truth than they realize.

From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!


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