Bill Cosby, “Daddy says, ‘Wake-up!’ to Alleged 17 yr Old Rape Victim. Do the 3 Women’s Accurate Body Language Speak the TRUTH?

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Bill Cosby’s in deep Jell-O pudding as 3 more women join Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred in their rape allegations and $100 million dollar ultimatum challenge against him. 

Accurate Body Language viewed and conducted the following analysis of Beth Ferrier, Helen Hayes, and Chalen during their December 3, 2014 press conference with attorney Gloria Allred.
(Source: videotape interview)

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Beth Ferrier, also known as Jane Doe #5 in Andrea Constand’s May 2005 Lawsuit.

  • Ms. Ferrier began her story emotionally composed.
  • As she continued her story and explained, “I met Bill Cosby in New York City through my then agent…,”  Ferrier flashed a negative micro-expression of contempt.
  • “Mr. Cosby pursued me…”  Ferrier flashed a second negative micro-expression of contempt at this point.
  • Become visibly emotional at the beginning of the alleged abuse when Bill Cosby made and gave her “…favorite coffee.”  But, after she drank it, she felt dizzy and lost consciousness.
  • As her story continues, she demonstrated genuine facial expressions of sadness, distress, inward eyebrow lifts, downward mouth corner frowns, nose sniffles, pursed lips, etc.

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Helen Hayes alleges that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1973:

  • Ms Hayes has full tears under her eyes, across her checks, and wetness/nasal drip running under her nose as she is recounting, “He approached me from behind, and grabbed my right breast…I was stunned and angry because he had no right to do that…and I didn’t know why he would behave that way. His behavior was that of a P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R!” Her difficulty in saying the word ‘p-r-e-d-a-t-o-r’ indicates significant distress.

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Chelan says she was 17 years old and worked at the Las Vegas Hilton 

  • Chelan’s face is also wet with tears and running mascara under eyes, as well as across checks.
  • Alleges that Cosby drugged her “…with a blue pill which he said was an antihistamine…” Chelan’s head shook left-to-right in a “no” gesture indicating disapproval of Cosby’s claim the blue pill was an antihistamine.
  • “…with a double-shot of ameretto…He was rubbing my neck…” Chelan flashed micro-expression of disgust with upward curled lips
  • “…and he may have to have someone come in and give her stress therapy…”  Chelan’s entire face showed signs of sadness with bottom lip going deep into her mouth in a downward trembling frown.  When we don’t like what we hear, the lips disappear. She brought a napkin to her lips.
  • “…he had me put on a Hilton robe, and said someone from the Ford agency was coming up to the suite, and I should wet my hair so they could see the texture of my hair…”  Bill Cosby’s request for wetting of the woman’s hair is similar to the stories of 2 other accusers Angela Leslie and Michelle Hurd.
  • “…Someone did come to the room… her head nodded up and down in an affirmative gesture
  • and took a couple of pictures of me…” her lips showed more distress at this point of her story
  • …”and said I had to lose 10 more lbs…” hard inhale breath.
  • “…and then they left. Then Cosby walked me to the bedroom after a second shot of amaretto, he said it would help my cold…” Again, Chelan’s head shook left-to-right in a “no” gesture indicating disapproval of Cosby’s claim that the pill would help her cold.
  • I laid down…” Chelan’s voice pauses with difficulty continuing…and her lips tremble significantly at this critical point in her story.
  • “He laid next to me on the bed and began…began…  Chelan’s voice stutters and pauses again with difficulty continuing.  Downward frowned corners of pursed lips indicate genuine sadness. Her mentalist chin muscle is pulled upward from her pursed lips.  Eyes downward without eye contact suggesting personal shame.
  • “…began pinching me on my left nipple…”  her mentalist chin muscle still trembling with audible crying and hard inhale breath.
  • “…humping on my leg. He was GRUNTING… her voice placed emphasis, disgust micro expression, and sadness on the word grunting
  • “I could not open my eyes…”  her head shook left to right in a NO gesture that is congruent with her verbal statement, “I could not open my eyes…”
  • “…I couldn’t move or say anything…” once again, Chelan’s head shook left to right in a NO gesture that continues to be congruent with her verbal statement
  • “…I felt something warm on my leg….” using a tissue with her right hand, slowly wipes a tear from her RIGHT eye/check. Her eyes appear as if she is reliving the trauma in REAL Time again.
  • “…and I blacked out…” using a tissue with her right hand, slowly wipes a tear from her LEFT eye/check
  • “…13 to 16 hours later, I woke up to him clapping his hands…” her eyes are now shut with head tilted back in full distress.
  • “…saying ‘Daddy says wake-up’ her head shook left to right in a continued NO gesture that is congruent with her verbal statement.


Beth Ferrier, Helen Hayes, and Chelan’s body language, voice characteristics, and distressed demeanor match their verbal statements throughout their respective narrative stories.  Their genuine sobbing, distressed facial features, trembling lips, disgust micro expressions, hesitations at the critical moments, difficulty in speaking or swallowing, synchronized verbal and nonverbal gestures, detailed verbal play-by-play running dialog of the event, collective similarities in their independent personal stories, emotional aftermath, and shame, guilt, and trauma indicate truthful behaviors, body language, statement analysis, and emotions.  Accurate Body Language concludes that the three women are credible in their personal accusations against Bill Cosby.

The number of women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault and rape now have approached the total of 20. Each of them were young, many of them claimed to be unconscious, and all were significantly less powerful than the once beloved Hollywood Icon Bill Cosby.  As the women bond together and give one another emotional support, they now have the courage to boldly face and challenge the now disgraced Bill Cosby whom they claim drugged them, and whom they allege is a sexual predator and rapist.

Some people who do not understand the emotional trauma of rape survivors have asked, “Why didn’t the women come forward and press legal charges?”  

Accurate Body Language asks, “If these women are lying, why hasn’t Bill Cosby filed Libel, Slander, or Defamation of Character lawsuits against his accusers?”

Bill Cosby and his legal team’s behaviors and weak denial statements indicate deception:

  • “decades-old; discredited” claims
  • “a guy doesn’t have to respond to innuendos”
  • Bill Cosby, ‘You’re an Evil Man’ embedded confession

If Bill Cosby is an innocent man, why would he remain silent and passively accept all the revoking of his lifelong accomplishments and accolades if he didn’t do anything wrong?  

  • Removal from University Board of Trustees
  • Cancellations of his numerous scheduled shows/events
  • remaining silent as the Navy revoked his title of honorary chief petty officer

Accurate Body Language asserts:

  • “From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!”
  • The two EASIEST sentences an INNOCENT person can say are,
    (1) “I didn’t do it!” and (2) They are lying!”
  • The two MOST DIFFICULT sentences a GUILTY person CAN’T say are,
    (1) “I didn’t do it!” and (2) “They are lying!”

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