Accurate Body Language, “Angelina Jolie Perfects the ‘If Looks Could Kill’ Face Towards Sony Exec Amy Pascal!”

Angelina Jolie, Amy Pascal

AP photographer Alex J. Berliner of ABImages via AP Images snapped this photo of Angelina Jolie’s icy BODY Language towards Sony Pictures Co-Chair Amy Pascal.  

Jolie and Pascal exchanged this uncomfortable encounter at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 breakfast on Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

The “Frenemy” photo occurred after the unauthorized hacked release of Sony emails between Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin who harshly criticized “the insanity and rampaging spoiled ego of” Jolie and continued with Jolie is “a minimally talented spoiled brat.”  


Pascal’s tightly pursed disappearing lips reveal visible discomfort during the face-to-face encounter with Jolie. Pascal’s eyes are in a submissive downward or closed eyelid ‘blocking’ position. It appears that Pascal does not have the courage to look Jolie directly in the eyes.

Although both women are in close ‘Navel-to-Navel’ proximity, their embrace is far from intimate. Jolie’s upper torso is slightly directed away from, rather than moved inward toward, Pascal.

  • Moving away from something indicates dislike or discomfort
  • moving toward something shows interest or comfort.

Jolie’s maintains her personal power with alert head position, erect straight shoulders and torso, and direct eye contact confronting Pascal. Jolie’s entire demeanor and stiff body language do not convey the warmth of greeting a beloved friend. Instead of embracing Pascal in a mutual hug, Jolie’s long fingers attempt to grab Pascal at the elbow points as if to gesture the removal of Pascal’s un-welcomed hands from Jolie’s arms. Jolie’s facial expression shows serious cold detachment from Pascal. In addition, Jolie has a slight height advantage which contributes to her face-to-face personal power.

In a possible attempt to make amends, Pascal placed her hands on Jolie’s body. However, this gesture is actually a power/dominance attempt from the Sony Exec, especially if bad blood exists between the two women and if Jolie did not want to be touched by Pascal. Not conforming to the other four fingers, Pascal’s thumbs extend back, distancing away…as if her thumbs can’t bring themselves to physically touch Jolie.

It is interesting to note, the unidentified casual-looking woman ‘photo-bombed’ in-between and in the background.  She unwittingly adds to the overall awkwardness (and humor) of the shot with her crossed arms and negative facial expression.

Notice the huge difference in their body language from the “Frenemy” photo above and this “Friendly” photo below of the two high-powered Hollywood women at the Sony Pictures Classic 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Party held at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California:

Golden Globes 2011 Jolie Pascal
In the second photo, their body language shows ease, closeness, and intimacy, as if the two friends are sharing a wonderful secret or juicy gossip. Pascal angles in toward her friend…as close as she can get…, and is whispering in Jolie’s ear.  Jolie’s head bows down to listen attentively with great interest.  Jolie giggles with delight and flashes her famous wide, radiant, genuine, smile:

  • Happiness shows in lower eyelids and lower face.
  • Forehead: relaxed.
  • Eyes: the orbicularis oculi narrow the eyes or eyelids resulting in crow’s feet to appear on outer edges.
  • Lower eyelids show lines / wrinkles and are relaxed under the eyes.
  • Cheeks: raised, plump, cheek muscles.
  • Mouth / Lips: “Puppet” lines (nasolabial fold) are more pronounced from outer edge of nose to mouth corners and are turned back with raised up lip corners.
  • The zygomatic major muscles run down the side of the face, connect to the mouth corners to pull the mouth back, part the lips, expose the teeth, and raise cheeks.

Compared to the first photo in which their torsos are away from each other; the second photo shows Pascal’s right breast close to Jolie’s left breast.

What a difference Pascal’s stinging words in a hacked email and the feeling of a knife stabbed in Jolie’s back can make!

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