Accurate Body Language & Statement Analysis of Katie Couric’s Question, “Are you a pedophile?” to “7th Heaven” Actor Stephen Collins

KC 1
Anchor Katie Couric asks Anchor Stephen Collins: “Are you a…pedophile?” 

In an exclusive TV interview, Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric asks the simple direct question, “Are you a pedophile” to “7th Heaven” Actor Stephen Collins.

  • Eyes look away to her upper left corner and then blinks hard once
  • Left arm and elbow expand out with left hand on hips in what’s called “Arms Akimbo” an authoritative, personal power gesture that expands and takes up space
  • Lips close horizontally tight with slight downward frown at corners of mouth…waiting for SC’s answer
  • Neck muscles visibly tightened and stretched

SC Contempt
SC: “I am not…I do not fit the either clinical or dictionary definition of it…”

  • Hesitates before answering a simple ‘Yes/No’ question
  • Increased blink rate of 3-5 times and does not answer ‘Yes/No.’
  • SC is unable to give a direct straightforward answer back, “No, I am not a pedophile!”
  • He starts with “I am not…” but can’t complete the sentence with an answer.
  • Instead, SC answers in a rambling ‘convince, not convey’ and ‘teeter-tottering-start-stop’ response.  He qualifies his answer by saying, “…I do not fit the either clinical or dictionary definition of it…”
  • Who talks like this in everyday conversational dialogue? This is not a normal reasonable answer. Therefore, his non-answer is a deviation from a common, everyday, conversational answer of an innocent person, “No, I’m not a pedophile!”
  • By specifically stating clinical or dictionary definition, he opens his answer to another possible unstated (i.e., common everyday or legal) definition of pedophile.  KC didn’t ask, and is NOT interested in, the clinical or dictionary definition of the word pedophile.
  • Even the dictionary definition is simple and straightforward:

pedophile [ped-uh-fahyl or, esp. British, pee-duh-] noun, Psychiatry.1. an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

  • SC ends his rambling, qualifying responses by using the pronoun ‘it…’ demonstrating that he is unable to verbally say (and is attempting to distance himself from) the specific word pedophile. 
  • Increased blinking indicates increased stress and blocking to KC’s confrontational question, “Are you a pedophile?”
  • Shakes his head several times right to left, and then reverses his head left to right. Similar to his verbal words, he starts in one direction, and then reverses course to the opposite direction. His verbal rambling words and horizontal head shaking zig-zag, stop-start, and change directions.
  • Eyes have small pupils with direct gaze and look tired and angry. Eyebrows are narrow with 2 deep vertical lines between inside eyebrows and above bridge of nose.

SC Contempt

  • Micro expression of contempt with left corner of mouth lifting higher upward and tighter creating a deep vertical facial line compared to his right corner of mouth and face
  • Overall, his face looks annoyed or slightly angry
  • SC shows numerous ‘hot-spot’ deceptive indicators within 5 seconds of KC’s direct question, “Are you a pedophile?”

SC: I am…(stop-start stuttering)…”

SC left fingers together
“…a pedophile is someone who is…mainly or wholly attracted to children

  • SC displays wide-spread, balanced legs indicating masculine personal power.
  • Looking directly at KC, SC redirects focus from answering KC’s distressing “Are you a pedophile?” question and goes off on a condescending ‘teaching’ tangent by giving an authoritative power gesture with his left fingers upward and together explaining to KC the definition of pedophile.

SC left palm open
….I’m not…”

  • SC does not finish his sentence.  He’s not what?  We don’t know, because he does not finish the simple sentence, which is difficult for him to say!
  • SC breaks his eye gaze and shuts his eyes as he says, “I’m not.”
  • Why can’t he continue looking at KC at this denial moment?
  • He shuts his eyes and opens up left fingers into an upward palm. In many cases, an open palm represents a truthful gesture, but in this interview context, his open palm is surrounded by deceptive indicators.
  • SC’s closed eyes and open palm may be his subconscious attempt to ask for forgiveness.

SC nose lift
“I had a distortion in my thinking…”

  • SC lifts up both nose and chin which signals proud superiority and arrogance, not remorse or regret for his distorted thinking

SC looks away
“…that…that…where I acted out…in those ways…

  • notice that SC does not look at KC as he is attempting his choppy-round-about talk.
  • Once again, SC still is unable to give a direct straightforward answer back, “…I am not a pedophile!” He starts with “I am…” but can’t complete the direct denial.

SC frown I'm absolutely not attracted
“…but, I’m (angrily pursed lips in definite downward frown with head shake from left to right) absolutely not…attracted physically or sexually attracted to children…I’m just not…”

  • Once again, he looks off to his right, not looking directly at KC as he stumbles on these words.
  • This snapshot moment clearly captures his micro-expression of ANGER! His facial expression lacks remorse or regret…except for getting caught!
  • With so many stuttering, stop-start attempts, there is not one smooth complete sentence in this entire response…just broken strings of words in a long rambling fragmented mess!
  • SC used distancing language again with, “…where I acted out…in those ways…” What ways is he talking about?  By being vague and using distancing words of ‘in those ways…’ he avoids stating specific words of sexual misconduct of children.
  • If you get rid of all the distracting stuttering and look at the RED embedded core sentence, SC states, “I am…attracted physically or sexually attracted to children” 
  • He is not able to say in one smooth fluid sentence, “I’m absolutely not attracted physically or sexually attracted to children…” SC stopped at “I’m absolutely not…
  • SC used a double negative with, “I’m absolutely not…attracted physically or sexually attracted to children…I’m just not…” which once again leaves the RED embedded core sentence that he was able to say smoothly and fluidly,”…attracted physically or sexually attracted to children…” 

KC and you never were?
KC: “And, you’re saying you never were…?” 

  • In a surprised look with lifted eyes and eyebrows, KC has her left palm extended and open in a receptive, truthful gesture…holding, waiting, open for KC to answer.
  • However, SC still can’t answer this simple ‘Yes/No’ question.  He continues with more painful hesitations and stuttering…
  • Based on his BODY Language and choppy, zig-zagging, teeter-tottering, non-answers…how convinced are you that SC is not a pedophile?
  • Stephen Collins is unable to fool himself; how he conveyed his words and how he conveyed his body language accurately answered Katie Couric’s question “Are you a Pedophile?”

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