Guilty Verdict Overturned: Amanda Knox, “You Saved my Life!” Her Hands & Body Language Tell the TRUTH!

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When Amanda Knox talks about her own life and her gratitude, the palms of her hands are over her chest showing gestures of sincerity.

Instead of directly professing her innocence by saying, “I didn’t kill Meredith…I had nothing to do with her murder,” and instead of saying she was wrongly accused, tried, convicted, and imprisoned, Knox correctly states, “You saved my life!” 

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However when asked by a media reporter what does she have to say to the Kercher family, Amanda Knox took gasps of air with numerous nostril flaring, and had difficulties saying and convincing, “Meredith was my friend…”

In addition, Knox’s hands reached higher and touched her neck area which is a non-verbal indication of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Knox continued to have difficulties coming up with another kind sentence about Meredith. Knox displayed deep breaths, numerous micro expressions of:

[ ] ANGER (i.e., nostril flaring after being asked about the Kercher family regarding Meredith)

[ ] HAPPINESS (i.e., leaked smiles with lifted corners of mouth, appled-cheeks, and puppet-lines from the outer corners of her nose to outer lifted corners of mouth) as she refers back to herself that she/Knox is the lucky one…

[ ] CONTEMPT (asymmetrical lift of mouth corner)

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Knox managed to verbally say,
“…she (referring to Meredith) deserves so much in this life…” but then shook her head “No” (i.e., horizontally right, left, and right) which negated her verbal sentence.

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If her verbal words said, “…she deserves so much in this life…,” but Knox’s head shook “NO” what do you believe? Knox’s VERBAL words or her BODY Language?

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One thought on “Guilty Verdict Overturned: Amanda Knox, “You Saved my Life!” Her Hands & Body Language Tell the TRUTH!

  1. Very interesting Janette.. I have felt from the beginning that she participated in the murder .. I’m not sure if I want to go out on a limb and say Amanda Knox is a danger to society because I think this was a very situational murder and isn’t likely to happen again -at least not by her .. With that being said , I do believe she got away with murder.

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