Big-Beard Envy, “Hey! Epic BEARD, Dude!!” Find out the Alpha Allure, Appeal, and Attraction of Bearded American Men in Accurate Body Language In-depth Interviews

Playful Beard Tug

There’s something very wild and rugged about men with BEARDs.  By growing facial hair on a previous clean shaven neutral canvas, there’s a dramatic intriguing shift in the body language paradigm.

Both men and women suddenly take notice… the bearded man stands out from the boring mainstream crowd and commands attention

Handsome David Watts
Connector at Institute For Social Interaction

David Watts

No longer is he any other ‘Ho-Hum’ ordinary Tom, Dick, or Harry (aka ‘Hairy’ LOL).  Now, people stop dead in their tracks; stare at “Bearded-Guy” several beats longer; and can imagine him living during the American frontier time period.

By ditching the razor and growing au-natural facial hair, bearded man liberates himself and displays to the world the TRUE face he was meant to have, according to his testosterone and genetics.  And in the process, he transforms from tender baby-face to strong maculine-man…, with amped-up alpha allure, appeal, and attraction!!

Subconsciously and non-verbally through body language, big-bearded man tells us that he lives his life LARGE!

  • Tackle a mad grizzly bear?  No problem.
  • Cut down and build a log cabin with his bare hands?  Most DEF!!
  • Warrior, protector, and hero?  No doubt!!

Mysterious Tattoo Bearded Man

Bold tattoos, muscular body, and bearded face add the Triple-Threat X-Factor to drop-dead Sizzling HOTT sex appeal!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.30.04 PM

Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks
2015 Stanley Cup Winners

Popular culture created the following male “No-Shave” bearded traditions:

  • No-Shave November / Movember:  In a 2004 Fundraising Event, a group of 30 Australian men grew mustaches for 30 days to bring awareness to Men’s Health (i.e., prostate cancer and depression). The group became the Movember Foundation Charity.
  • NHL Playoff Beard: Who’s more bad-ass than a bearded NHL Playoff hockey player? Nobody! These stiffs love to brawl!  The New York Islanders are credited with originating the superstitious tradition of hockey players refusing to shave while their teams are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs…until they suffer the defeat of elimination, or until they achieve the glory of winning the Stanley Cup.

Authentic.  Bold.  Camping and Cabin Ready.  Daring. 

From Metro to Lumberjack Sexual, Accurate Body Language presents in-depth interviews from bearded American men who share their personal perspective of living life FULLY bearded:


1.  “Big Beard, Big Personality…,” Hadley Whittemore

Wherever Hadley Whittemore goes, he attracts attention…without saying a word.  His big beard is a social conversation piece because it non-verbally invites engagement from friends and people on the street.

With primal attraction, both men and women are captivated by his beard, compliment him on it, and with an amazing, hypnotic, call-to-action people are compelled to ‘Go ahead and touch it!’ 

Hadley Whittemore

Listen to Hadley as he candidly shares his life and his beard:

Hadley w Flowers   Hadley w Plant  Hadley Right

Josh Schramm

2.  “Hey! Epic Royal BEARD!! ” Josh Royal Schramm

Josh Royal Schramm’s beard is so dark and handsome, a previous flame told him that because of his beard, she switched her preference away from a clean shaven face towards his manly bearded face.  Although his mom and grandma prefer his clean-shaven look, Josh’s thick beard is here to STAY!

Listen to Josh’s interview as he gives the “hairy” details of  being:

  • clean-shaven
  • partially bearded
  • goatee’d
  • fully bearded:


Ryan McIntosh Side Right    Ryan McIntosh Side Left


4. From an initial beard contest, growing a full beard for entire year taught Jake Foster lessons in life

Jake Foster took the beard challenge and grew his facial hair for a full year.  For Jake, growing a massive beard goes beyond the initial beard contest, fad, or fashion statement.  Listen to Jake’s interview to hear what he learned about himself, how he transitioned into becoming an adult man, and what valuable lessons the experience taught him about life:


Jake Foster Front   JakeFosterBeard

“From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!” 

Accurate Body Language Handsome Interview Guests & Models:

  • Jake Foster:
  • Ryan McIntosh:
  • Joshua Royal Schramm:
  • David Watts:
  • Hadley Whittemore:


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