Does “Forget those Women” Phylicia Rashad’s Facial Expressions & Body Language Really Support Bill Cosby?

Was Phylicia Rashad DUPED by, or Covering Up For,…Bill Cosby?

Accurate Body Language

When the words say one thing, and the body says something else, what do YOU believe?  The words or the body?  

Accurate Body Language knows, “From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!”

Accurate Body Language provides an in-depth analysis of Phylicia Rashad’s body language and statement analysis during her ABC News Exclusive interview that aired on Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

ABC News stiff body language

ABC News Linsey Davis interviewed Rashad about her infamous quote, “Forget those women” from ShowBiz 411 writer Roger Friedman. 

Rashad’s admiration of Cosby appears mixed or incongruent.  Her verbal words sound like she’s complimenting Bill Cosby.  However, her facial expressions reveal more:

He's a GENIUS Tight Upper Lip 26 Sec

  • #1:  “He’s a GENIUS!” (at approx 26 secs)
  • This is Rashad’s first, highest priority, and top-of-mind compliment.
  • The use of a verbal contraction, as well as the flow and pace of delivering this sentence are all smooth and definite.
  • However, by using the pronoun ‘He’ in all of her compliments, Rashad…

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