Is Theo Bronkhorst Lying About Cecil the Lion?

Accurate Body Language and Statement Analysis:
Is Theo Bronkhorst LYIN’ About the LION?

Didn't know Cecil Existed  I didn't know he (Cecil) existed

Located in Zimbabwe:
Theo Bronkhorst of Bushman Safaris and
Cecil the Lion of Hwange National Park 

  • Since 1992, Theo Bronkhorst is owner, managing director, professional wildlife hunter, and safari guide of Bushman Safaris which is located north of Zimbabwe close to Victoria Falls.
  • Bronkhorst along with his wife Michele, and sons Zane and Jason, Bushman Safaris specialize in wildlife big game (leopards, buffalo, elephant, etc) hunts with ‘maximum results!’
  • Bronkhorst was the safari hunting guide in the alleged illegal killing of Cecil, a beloved 13-year-old majestic black-maned lion who resided at Hwange National Park which is located in the northwest corner of Zimbabwe about one hour south of Victoria Falls.

Hwange National Park

  • Cecil the Lion was a favorite iconic tourist attraction of Hwange National Park.

Cecil Lion Collar and Photographer  Cecil Collar

  • Since 2008, Cecil wore a GPS/Satellite tracking collar and was studied by researchers at Oxford University. Cecil’s thick banded neck collar was easily visible by visiting tourists during video or photography opportunities.

Bronkhorst, Cecil, and Palmer

  • In early July 2015,Bronkhorst and a wealthy American Dentist Walter J. Palmer hunter client are jointly accused of:
    • conducting an illegal hunt because they lacked proper 2015 hunting permit or land owner quota to justify the off take or killing of a lion according to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority;
    • luring Cecil away from the protected sanctuary grounds of Hwange National Park using animal carcass tied to their vehicle;
    • using a blinding SPOT light on Cecil in order for Palmer to easily shoot Cecil with cross-bow;
    • allowing Cecil to suffer in pain for over 40 hours trying to escape from Bronkhorst and Palmer;
    • tracking down, shooting with a rifle, and killing Cecil dead in the head;
    • then, skinning and brutally beheading Cecil;
    • and illegally dismantling and attempting to destroy Cecil’s GPS satellite tracking collar;
    • then finally leaving Cecil’s carcass skinless and headless on Antionette farm in Gwayi Conservancy in the Hwange district.

Cecil the Lion

  • Bronkhorst plead not guilty to the charge of “failing to prevent an illegal hunt.” He is awaiting trial which was postponed to Sept. 28, 2015.

Didn't know Cecil Existed  I didn't know he (Cecil) existed

Yes, Bronkhorst is LYIN about Cecil the LION:

Bronkhorst, “Yeah…absolutely.  I regret shooting a lion called Cecil, that was never the (avoids using possessive pronoun ‘my’) intention. I didn’t know he existed (at 15 seconds in video, Bronkhorst shook his head from LEFT to RIGHT negating his verbal words that he didn’t know Cecil existed).  Any other lion, I don’t think it would have been a problem.” 

Hot-Spots are inconsistencies between verbal words and non-verbal signs of discomfort, distress, or deception. Bronkhorst…

  • wears camouflage cap on head and dark glasses which provides tangible and emotional blocking, protection, and distancing shields.
  • lacks direct eye contact when speaking to the person asking the questions.
  • used passive distancing language, “…a lion called Cecil,” instead of directly saying he regrets shooting, “…Cecil the Lion.”
  • non-verbally shook head from LEFT to RIGHT. The BODY knows the TRUTH.  Bronkhorst’s head shake revealed the truth and negated his verbal words of, “I didn’t know he (Cecil the Lion) existed.”
  • used the distancing phrase, “…that was never the intention” instead of using possessive pronouns, “this was not my intention” or I didn’t intend to kill Cecil the Lion.”

Honest Ndlovu

  • Brinkhorst and landowner of the private Antoinette farm, Honest Trymore Ndlovu, is also facing charges of not having proper permits and quotas for any lions.  Ndlovu’s land is close to Hwange National Park.

Bronkhorst is NOT Credible, “I didn’t know he (i.e.,Cecil the Lion) existed…”

  • Since 1992, his family owned Bushman Safaris specializes in wildlife big-Game hunts, is located north of Zimbabwe close to Victoria Falls
  • His denial of the existence of Cecil is neither credible nor believable since he: (1) owns Bushman Safaris since 1992; (2) specializes in big game hunts, and (3) operates Bushman Safaris close to Hwange National Park.
  • Cecil the Lion was a favorite iconic tourist attraction of Hwange National Park.
  • Brinkhorst displayed clusters of “Hot-Spots” as explained above.

Bronkhorst hat, glasses, hidden hands 2

Bronkhorst Lacks Open Confidence and Personal Power:

Bronkhorst BODY Language is not consistent with someone who is innocent and who did nothing illegal. Compared to his attorney Givemore Muvhiringi, Bronkhorst’s BODY Language has:

  • Downward head and eye gaze with slumped shoulders show lack of personal power.
  • Concealed face (with hat, dark glasses)
  • Concealed hands (crossed or in his pants pockets)

In contrast, his lawyer looks straight forward; did not wear concealing glasses or a hat; and kept his hands open and free to his sides as both men walked inside the court building.

Once inside the court building, he continued to wear his concealing sunglasses and hat.  He minimized the serious charges (i.e, Bronkhorst faces up to 15 years in prison if he is convicted), showed his contempt with an asymmetrical smirk, and said, “I think it’s frivolous and I think it’s wrong.”

I think it's frivilous and I think it's wrong

When asked if he thinks he will come through this, Bronkhorst didn’t state,

  • “Absolutely! I didn’t do anything illegal! I have all the proper lion-hunting licenses and permits to show that our hunt was legal.”

Instead, Bronkhorst relies on an external factor of his LEGAL Team.

Good Legal Team I have a good Legal Team and I hope so

  • Bronkhorst’s said, “I got a good LEGAL team and I hope so…,”  but shook his chin LEFT to RIGHT gesturing uncertainty on whether he will come through this.
  • He also tucked his chin inward in a ‘turtle’ tucking protective gesture.

Hunting in Zimbabwe, %22It's an integral part of our country and it has to continue.

When asked about hunting in Zimbabwe, Bronkhorst abruptly jerks his head left to right (in a sharp nonverbal ‘No’ gesture) but says, “It is an integral part of our…(Bronkhorst pauses…and this break in sentence is a break in his thought process) country…and it’s got to continue (contempt smirk with chin lifted)…and if we do not use wildlife sustainably…, there will be no wildlife…”

  • Accurate Body Language wonders how much of Palmer’s $55,000 Bushman Safaris fees went to wildlife conservation, to Hwange National Park where they stole Cecil the Lion, or went into the Zimbabwe economy to help the country’s people?
  • Hunting is an integral part of Bushman Safaris.  Bronkhorst attempts to have you believe the good is for the greater good for the country of Zimbabwe.
  • Poaching African wildlife does not sustain African wildlife.

Do you believe you had the right permits...I believe so

When asked by a reporter, “Do you feel that you had all the right permits and everything was above board?”  

  • Bronkhorst displayed “Hot-Spots” of discomfort, distress, or deception as he ‘turtle tucked’ in his chin, gazed downward, and said, “I believe so…” 
  • He didn’t say,
    • “Absolutely!  I have and can show you all the correct license, permits, and quotas to justify the killing of Cecil or any other lion!  I am wrongly charged. I didn’t do anything wrong!”
  • Bronkhorst feels that he is the victim and calls the whole ordeal, “Crazy…absolutely…”

Overall, Accurate Body Language noted numerous body language and statement analysis “Hot-Spots” of discomfort, distress, or deception.  Therefore, Accurate Body Language concludes that Bronkhorst is not confident, credible, or convincing in his nonverbal gestures and his verbal statements.

“From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!”

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