Accurate Body Language Analysis of Turing CEO Martin Shkreli defending Daraprim price hike to $750 per tablet, “…not excessive…, at all.”

CBS News interviewed Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli regarding the rationale of raising the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill.

Accurate Body Language provides the following analysis on his facial expressions:

At .23 seconds, CEO Martin Shkreli lifts his eyes upward to his right and says, “Well, it depends on how you define, ‘so drastically’…” This gaze is often viewed as constructed images.

23: %22Depends on how you define so drastically%22  Eye Gaze Direction1

At 24 seconds, he’s searching in his mind for what to say next…

24 Sec LEFT Upward Eye Gaze

CEO Martin Shkreli has EXTREMELY large dilated pupils, especially compared to interviewer…suggesting great interest and possible drug use…

Throughout the interview, Shkreli has numerous gravity-defying expressive eyebrow flashes, especially when he’s talking about profits and capitalism.

Gravity-defying eyebrow flash suggests happiness, personal power, and positive feelings.

At 1:13 minutes, Shkreli doesn’t deny, but rather agrees with interviewer by once again looking to his lateral LEFT and saying,

“Yeah, I can see how it looks greedy…but, I think it has a lot of altruistic properties to it…”

1:13 mins, "Yeah, I can see how it looks greedy...but, it has altruistic properties..."
At 1:16 minutes, he completes his sentence with direct eye gaze and creepy, fake smile:

116 mins, Creepy Fake Smile

At 1:22 minutes, Shkreli gives ‘superior’ nose lift and downward eye gaze at interviewer as he explains his altruistic statement by saying:

122 mins, Superior Nose Lift

“…that this is a disease, where there hasn’t been one company focused on it for 70 years.  We’re now a company that is dedicated to the treatment and cure of toxoplasmosis…”

Shkreli explains that his company should be entitled to enjoy current capitalistic advantages.

At 1:36 minutes, Shkreli once again gives gravity-defying eyebrow flash and eery fake smile as he concludes the following sentence,

136 mins, %22Who sorely need a new drug in my opinion%22

“And with these new profits we can spend all of that upside on these patients who sorely need a new drug, in my opinion.”

It is odd to see the CEO’s corners of his mouth lift upward into a smile at this point when he is talking about sick patients who ‘sorely need a new drug…’

At 2:06 minutes to the end, his head negates his verbal statements,

“…there’s no doubt, our first and primary stakeholder are patients…”

with lateral head movement as he concludes with insincere-looking smile.

Concluding Smile

Accurate Body Language SUMMARY/CONCLUSION

CEO Martin Shkreli has embedded, as well as direct and straight forward, statements regarding the benefits of his company providing expensive drug solutions to a small group of vulnerable patients.

“Yeah, I can see how it looks greedy…”

Shkreli’s verbal speed and cadence is the most fluid and straight-forward in this narrative,

“There’s no doubt, I’m a capitalist (claps his hand), I’m trying to create a big drug company…a successful drug company…a profitable drug company. We are trying to flourish…but, we are also…our first and primary stakeholders are patients…there’s no doubt about that (lateral, horizontal head shake negates last statement).”

From this interview, it appears Turing Pharmaceuticals lacks:

  1. competition from other drug companies; therefore, currently enjoys monopolistic advantages
  2. large base of patients for whom costs can be spread across
  3. an altruistic CEO

From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!

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