Obama & Pope Francis Smiles; Real or Fake?

Want to tell the difference from a Fake, Social, and a Genuine Smile?

Accurate Body Language offers 7 EASY Tips so You Can Tell the Difference:

Accurate Body Language TIP #1:  Look for Deep ‘Crows-Feet!’
Focus on the area around the eyes, not the mouth, because the eyes give you the clues to the difference. The secret is to notice beyond the eyes expanding toward the temples.

In this moment below, Pope Francis and President Obama have genuine smiles; their orbicularis oculi muscles have activated around their eyes to show deep ‘crows feet’ wrinkles.  Pope Francis fondly gazes at President Obama; while Obama’s smile and laughter is even deeper with eyes squinted shut.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.49.41 PM

Accurate Body Language TIP #2:  Look for Smooth Forehead Muscles
Here, Pope Francis and President Obama have smooth, relaxed forehead muscles with no horizontal or vertical lines.

Accurate Body Language TIP #3:  Look for Raised, ‘Apple’ Cheeks
Genuine smiles create an upward, gravity-defying lift of plumped-up cheeks.

Accurate Body Language TIP #4: Look for Upper, Side-Nose Wrinkles
The deeper the happiness, joy, or exhilaration, the side of the nose will wrinkle by the eyes and the eyes will even squint or shut (see Obama above and photo below).

Nose wrinkles also occur in disgust or contempt, so the entire facial expression in situational context should be considered.

JG Wedding Smile

Accurate Body Language TIP #5:  Look for Deep ‘Puppet’ Lines
With genuine smiles, zygomaticus major muscles will produce deep ‘puppet’ lines connecting the outer corners of the nostrils to the outward and lifted corners of the mouth.

Accurate Body Language TIP #6:  Feeling GOOD! Feeling Connected!!
In the brain, the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter dopamine, natural pain-killer endorphins,  serotonin, and the ‘bonding’ hormone oxytocin are released creating a greater connection and genuine affection between the individual(s) involved and can spread to those nearby who are present and who are also experiencing the moment.

Added benefits of smiling include:

  1. More attractive looking
  2. Younger looking
  3. More approachable, honest, trustworthy, and successful-looking
  4. Boosts immune system
  5. Lowers of blood pressure

Accurate Body Language TIP #7:  Forward Lean
We lean towards things or people we like; we lean away from or distance ourselves from things or people we don’t like.

Accurate Body Language BONUS Tip:  Lack of Inner-Eyebrow Tension, Wrinkles, or Inverted V
Look for the absence of innter-eyebrow tension, wrinkles, or inverted V.  For example, in the photo, the white bearded fellow in the background is not showing any smiling or friendly facial clues. He’s not sharing the bonded moment.  Notice that his inner eyebrow muscles are pulled inward give him a more serious, concerned look.

Accurate Body Language RECOMMENDATION:  Smile MORE!!
Smiling and laughing more will increase positive energy, release ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters, endorphins, and hormones; reduce stress, and improve connectedness in your relationships with others!

From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!

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