Top 10 Accurate Body Language Takeaways from Photo Lineup in First Democrat Debate

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Body language in a photo speaks a 1000 words!  Here are the Top 10 Accurate Body Language takeaways and analysis of the photo lineup in first democrat debate: 

(1) The business suits are visually uniform in dark colors. Clinton’s suit drapes with fluid ease and comfort.

(2) Although Clinton has the height disadvantage because she is the shortest candidate, she is standing in the prime real estate location (as did Trump during the Republican debates) which is directly in the MIDDLE. All eyes and attention go to the mid-point.

(3) Clinton’s smile appears to be warm, genuine, and the most relaxed in this photo.  Non-verbal body language research indicates that women smile more than men.

(4) In this photo, Sanders shoulders appears to be slumped a bit. He would convey more personal power by standing more erect with broader shoulders and erect torso, if it is possible for him.

(5) O’Malley’s neck and shoulders are also slightly forward, so he would benefit from pulling his neck and shoulders back toward proper alignment with his shoulders and torso.

(6) Sanders, Clinton, and O’Malley display weak hand gestures by holding wrist or fingers in front and below stomachs, near private parts.

(7) Instead of gripping wrists or interlacing fingers, steeple fingertips together to convey confidence and leadership.

(8) Webb and Chafee show more personal power pose with broader and balanced leg stance and hands to the side.

(9) Webb’s facial expression shows more Alpha male dominance with stern horizontal eyebrows and less of a smile than the others.

(10) Chafee’s lips are tightly pressed in a forced smile indicating some discomfort.  His pursed lips may even be creating tension and wrinkling in his neck above his Adam’s apple.

Accurate Body Language photo analysis recommendation:
Candidates should expand their physical space with erect body posture, shoulders, torso, arms and elbows angled outward, and wider leg stance to maximize confidence, leadership, and dominance.

Bonus Tip # 11: Instead of just standing there in an awkward lineup, the savvy candidate can differentiate him/herself from the four others by strategically connecting with the audience.

This means making eye contact, showing open palm hand gestures or waving, and smiling to individuals at various points (looking LEFT, MIDDLE, RIGHT, near, far) throughout the entire audience.

This helps create a sense of personal connection, despite being in a large formal auditorium.

From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!

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  • Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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