Obama and Putin Handshake @ United Nations Revealed 3Ds: Dislike, Disrespect, and Discomfort

A Handshake is More than Just a Greeting;
a Handshake Conveys Personal Dominance, Power, and Control. 

At the United Nations in New York on Tuesday, September 29 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin and US president Barack Obama discussed the situation in Syria.

Accurate Body Language Analysis
of Obama-Putin Handshake Revealed 3Ds:
Dislike, Disrespect, and Discomfort

Hand Gesture For Putin to Enter Rm 4 Sec

Video @ 3 secs:

  • As they entered the room, Obama controlled the movement by gesturing with an alpha-directive hand signal, giving the ‘OK’ for Putin to enter the room.

Tight Lips in Distress 6 Sec

Video @ 6 secs:

  • Putin lacked personal power in his stride, submissive downward head, and lowered eye gaze.
  • Notice Obama did not look at Putin. Obama had tight lips as he entered room.
  • Taller Obama has height advantage over shorter Putin.
  • The two men were not in-synch or mirroring each other in harmonious body language.

Downward gaze 7 sec

Video @ 7 secs:

  • Although now both men had similar downward eye-gaze, their walking pace and left arm swing were not matched in rhythm and stride.
  • Facial expressions and body language showed lack of rapport with, and even dislike of each other.

Lack of strong erect shoulders and mutual eye gaze 9 secs

Video @ 9 secs:

  • Both men demonstrated slightly slumped shoulders and lack of eye contact with each other.
  • They avoided positioning torsos toward each other, indicating discomfort in, and distancing from, each other’s presence.

Putin Beta Slight Smile 10 Secs

Video @ 10 secs:

  • Although Putin was positioned in power position (LEFT in photo) with right hand covering Obama’s (i.e., showing the ‘upper hand’ in handshake), his beta eye gaze looked upward at Obama, who squinted and did not appear to return the look toward Putin.
  • Both men did not giving each other any ‘friendly’ facial or body language indicators (e.g., eyebrow flash, genuine smile, ease, full arm extension or full torso directly facing each other, etc.).

Height Advantage Forced Smile 12 Sec

Video @ 12 secs:

  • Displeasure continued with ‘forced’ fake smiles only for photo opportunity…, not for each other.
  • Obama controlled handshake and led Putin with two strong, brief, yet definite hand pumps.
  • In the 2013 G20 Summit, Obama controlled Putin with handshake of approximately 20 hand pumps!
  • They lacked full arm extension or full torso directly facing each other.

Cant Stand to Look at Each Other 13 Secs

Video @ 13 secs:

  • Forced, tight smile on Obama.  Putin’s lips were not as tightly pressed together.
  • These two world leaders couldn’t stand to look at each other!

Obama Talks, Putin Says Nothing 14 Secs

Video @ 14 secs:

  • Putin silently turned to leave, and continued downward head and eye-gaze.
  • Obama looked at, and verbally said, “Thank you, everybody” to the audience.
  • Throughout the entire interchange, Obama led by gesturing 4 to 5 strong and solid vertical “yes” head gestures.

Beta Follows Leader 17 Secs

Video @ 17 secs:

  • With perpetual downward eye gaze, Putin silently ‘followed the leader’ and walked behind Obama.
  • Obama’s head was more erect as he walked ahead of Putin.

Within less than 20 seconds, Putin and Obama revealed various dislike, disrespect, and discomfort ‘foe’ signals with their misaligned body language indicating that their interpersonal relationship and their discussions regarding Syria were strained.

From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!

Make sure YOUR greetings and handshakes are strong and confident! 

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