GUILTY Body Language of Convicted Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw

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From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!!

On Thursday, December 10, 2015, his 29th birthday, former Oklahoma City Police Department officer Daniel Holtzclaw received the following devastating GUILTY verdicts:

  • 4 counts of first-degree rape
  • 1 count of second-degree rape
  • 6 counts of sexual battery
  • 4 counts of forcible sodomy
  • 3 counts of procuring lewd acts

Did you catch Holtzclaw’s body language “Hot-Spot” signs of surprise, sadness, shame, and uncontrollable sobbing?

Here’s the Accurate Body Language
Play-by-Play Breakdown:

Downward Eye Gaze Covered Privates

Weak, Rocking, Fig-Leaf Stance:
@ 05 second mark, Daniel Holtzclaw’s displayed weak stance with downward eye gaze, slightly slumped shoulders, side-to-side pacifying rocking motion, and both hands gripped together to hide his private parts.

If he were innocent and wrongly accused, his body may have shown more upright head, shoulders, and torso.

Puffed air from Lips

Flared Nostrils, Puffed Air:
Here @ 15 secs, Holtzclaw braced himself for the verdict with flared nostrils and puffed air from lips to relieve anticipatory tension. Notice his forehead, eyes, and inner eyebrow area is at baseline relaxed expression…until, he hears the verdict.

Pursed Horizontal Lips

Tensed, Tight, Disappearing Lips!
@ 16 secs, after puffed air, lips tensed into tight, disappearing lips.  Eyes look towards person reading the pending verdict.

Tongue pacifying inner mouth

With nervous anticipation of his fate and pending verdict @ 18 secs., Holtzclaw continued his flared nostrils to take in more oxygen and facial pacifying tongue rubbing of his inner right mouth.  His left inner eyebrow started to lift upward, showing initial signs of sadness.

Tension & Furrowed Inner Eyebrows & Forehead

Verdict 1: Sexual Battery…,
@ 22 seconds, Holtzclaw hears: Verdict 1, Sexual Battery. His breathing was rapid and shallow and his body trembled.  He knew the truth of his actions, and his body leaked the truth in distressed “Hot-Spot” signals.

Compared to his more relaxed baseline expression around 15 secs., now facial muscles have pulled and tensed around inner eyes, eyebrows, and forehead.  The facial muscles of his attorney to Holtzclaw’s right remains relaxed in downward gaze.

Tongue Thrust

“We the Jury empaneled and sworn find in the above cause…,”
@ 26 seconds, Holtzclaw jet out his tongue when he heard, “We the Jury empaneled and sworn find in the above cause…,”

Notice the bald attorney’s eye gaze lifted with attention as the verdict is about to be read.

Downward gaze & head

“…the Defendant is GUILTY of the Crime of Sexual Battery…,”
@ 30 secs., the MOMENT of TRUTH.  Holtzclaw heard, “…the Defendant is GUILTY of the Crime of Sexual Battery…,” and reacted not with surprise (i.e., for being wrongly convicted), but reacted with expected downward eye gaze and head of sadness and shame.

Look of Shame

“…and set punishment of 8 years…

Lower Look of Shame

The Gravity of 8 years Imprisonment Sank Holtzclaw’s Heavy Head Lower!!
@ 33 secs., the two men noticed Holtzclaw’s despair with collapsed head, neck, shoulders, and torso.

Face of Sadness

“Count 2, the Defendant is GUILTY of Procuring Lewd Exhibitions…, and Punishment is Set at 5 Years…”
@ 37 secs., Holtzclaw reacted with sobbing, head shaking in sideways “No” gesture, and additional tongue thrusting out.  Notice the extreme facial expressions of sadness and distress with downward mouth corners, eyes completely shut (to shut out the visual pain) and tensed, lifted inner eyebrows.

Tilted Head Crying

“The Defendant is GUILTY of Forcible Oral Sodomy and Punishment is Set at 20 years…,”
It got worse @ 50 secs., Holtzclaw reacted with loud, wailing, sobbing forcing his head to bobble vertically when he heard,  “The Defendant is GUILTY of Forcible Oral Sodomy and Punishment is Set at 20 years…,”

A woman in the courtroom mirrored Holtzclaw’s pitiful wail with her own loud, pitiful wail.


“The Defendant is GUILTY of Rape in the First Degree and Punishment is Set at 30 years…,”
@ 1:08 secs., Holtzclaw uncontrollably sobbed, rocked his body, and shook his head, “no” in protest.  Man on Holtzclaw’s right remained stoic by distracting himself by writing on documents. Man on Holtzclaw’s left looked downward at him, and maintained steepled power thumb and fingers.

The jury deliberated for more than 40 hours.  In less than 2 minutes on his 29th birthday, Holtzclaw became a convicted rapist; guilty on 18 Counts facing a possible 263 Years in prison.  His body knew and revealed the truth.

From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!

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