Trump’s Handshake Dominates Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Although Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sat at preferred LEFT in photo opportunity, Unites States President Trump displayed that he was in charge during their long, awkward, handshake.  Both men show personal power in their wide-spread legs.
LEFT is preferred because ABE should have had the UPPER hand in the handshake. This was not the case. Trump diminished Abe’s seated advantage with a dominant handshake grip so powerful that he twisted Abe’s hand to a submissive, yielding limp.  Ouch!!
Trump controlled the entire handshake from start to finish with excessive hand pumps.  Trump’s eye gaze was around the room at audience; Abe prompted Trump to, “Look at me,” during photo op.  In addition, Trump patted Abe’s hand several times and pulled Abe’s hand towards Trump’s body.  While patting may appear comforting or congenial, for Trump, it is all about control. Trump’s double-handed handshake completely covers and controls Abe’s hand.
Abe indicated his discomfort immediately after the forced handshake ended. His eye gaze looked away, his mouth gasped open, and his hands grabbed the chair arms to lift his body away from Trump.  Both men moved their torsos away from each other.  Perhaps Abe would have preferred the traditional greeting of the Japanese bow.

Trump even commented about his, “Strong hands” and gestured that he pulled upward and towards himself.

Trump then flashes the American powerful gravity-defying ‘Thumb-Up’ emblem.   In the US, thumbs-up is a positive sign that everything is A-O-K!  The Japanese understand this to mean “good” and Japanese males tend to use the thumbs-up more than Japanese women.

However, the ‘Thumbs-Up’ can be interpreted as highly offensive in Thailand, Middle East, West Africa, and South America.

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From Head-to-Toes, the BODY Always Shows…the TRUTH!!

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