Left or Right Hand: With this RING, I thee Wed…,

Artifacts such as jewelry, watches, and tattoos signify individual preference and cultural meaning.  Across different cultures, engagement or wedding rings are emblems that symbolize the pre and post wedding status of committed couples.  Cultural display rules differ according to traditional customs and norms.

In many Asian, European, and Western countries, it is customary to wear wedding rings on the finger adjacent to the smallest ‘pinky’ finger on the left hand.  However, in Russian, Indian, Central and Northern European countries, wedding rings may traditionally be worn on the right hand. 

Some cultures use both hands to symbolize engagement and marital status.  In Brazil, engagement rings are worn on right hands; then after wedding, the rings are displayed on left hands.  Cultural norms are the opposite in Germany and Netherlands; engagement rings are worn on left hands and wedding rings are worn on right hands. 

So, have fun traveling to new lands, but remember that wedding ring display rules may have different traditions and translations in other cultures. 

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